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    Originally posted by Grizzlegom View Post
    he plays for the patriots.
    but the main reason is because when minnesota came to penn state everyone was hyping maroney as a potential heisman candidate and saying he would run all over our defense and they would kill us. he ended up running for like 24 yards on 15 carries or something like that but the whole thing just made me hate him.
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      Rushing yards I'll take Maroney. Yards from scrimmage I'll take Bush.

      That is correct comahan
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        if Bush can gain around 10 yards he'll have a great year. Too many players tackled him with one hand.
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          I think Bush, White, Maroney, Addai, and MJD will all have great years. In terms of actual production, I foresee Maroney and Addai having the most success because there is really no one else to steal touches from them.

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            Mo Drew with still be splitting time, but he should have a lot of overall yards.

            Bush will have the most yards, period.

            Maroney will have the most rushing yards, and probably by a significant margin as well.

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              MJD is going to have the biggest year of them all, with Fred Taylor getting older and having less carries, Jones-Drew will be forced the carry the load.


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                wierd that everyone except maroney will be sharing time....

                so i say maroney

                Go Ravens!


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                  New England - Laurence Maroney
                  [Home] Buffalo, Miami, N.Y. Jets, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Philadelphia, Washington
                  [Away] Buffalo, Miami, N.Y. Jets, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Dallas, N.Y. Giants

                  Indianapolis - Joseph Addai
                  [Home] Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Denver, Kansas City, New England, New Orleans, Tampa Bay
                  [Away] Houston, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Oakland, San Diego, Baltimore, Atlanta, Carolina

                  New Orleans - Reggie Bush
                  [Home] Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, Arizona, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Tennessee
                  [Away] Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay, San Francisco, Seattle, Chicago, Houston, Indianapolis

                  I think I just may vote for Reggie Bush, given the wonderful draw of the NFC West in addition to the six division games against the NFC South (all of whom can be run on). He plays with one of the league's best backs in Duece McAllister though, which isn't the case with Laurence Maroney and Joseph Addai. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if Maroney has the most rushing yards, Bush the most receiving yards, and Addai the most yards from scrimmage.

                  It's hard to gauge though considering there's some flux in how New England and Indianapolis will handle their RB situations following the departure of veterans. How many goal-line carries will Maroney see? How much of the load will Addai have to carry?

                  There are backs that should consider themselves lucky that they don't have to face the Jacksonville Jaguars, Big John Henderson and Marcus Stroud specifically, twice a year like Addai does. It was hilarious how everyone trumpeted Mo Drew over Addai in 2006, when Drew has the enormous benefit of facing the Colts twice instead of the Jags defense twice (269 of Drew's 941 rushing yards - 28.6% for crying out loud - came in 2 games against the Colts). Considering they also ignored that Drew also had the benefit of playing behind Fred Taylor and one of the best run-blocking offensive lines in football, it's all par for the course I suppose.
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                    Mauroney now that he's the feature back in New England.

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                      My money is on Maroney because he will probably get the most touches out of all of those other guys.


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                        Maroney surprised me last year in that he was more hit-and-miss than I thought he'd be, especially with one of the league's better run-blocking offensive lines. I thought I was looking at a bigger Willie Parker at times, and I'm sure that frustrated head coach Bill Belichick.

                        But now that he has a year under his belt, especially in terms of getting comfortable with the offensive line, I expect him to improve and shine more often as we all think he can.
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                          Leon Washington!

                          Actually, I would have voted for Jones-Drew, but you didn't list Washington despite the fact that he rushed for more rushing yards than Reggie Bush, Jerious Norwood, LenDale White, Wali Lundy, etc.

                          Rankings in rushing yards for their rookie years:

                          1. Joseph Addai - 1081
                          2. Maurice Jones-Drew - 941
                          3. Laurence Maroney - 745
                          4. Mike Bell - 677
                          5. Leon Washington - 650

                          6. Jerious Norwood - 633
                          7. Reggie Bush - 565
                          8. DeAngelo Williams - 501
                          9. Wali Lundy - 476
                          10. LenDale White - 244
                          11. Michael Robinson - 116
                          12. Jerome Harrison - 60
                          13. Brian Calhoun - 16
                          14. P.J. Daniels - 0
                          14. Cedric Humes - 0
                          14. Quentin Ganther - 0

                          How you couldn't even include Leon Washington was a severe lack in judgement.

                          You can say "Well he's not going to be a number 1 next year," but neither are Bush, Norwood, Lundy, or Bell. And three of those guys got less yardage than Washington. So that's not a legit argument.
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                            Originally posted by jkpigskin View Post
                            wierd that everyone except maroney will be sharing time....

                            so i say maroney
                            Joseph Addai and LENDALE WHITE!!!

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                              If Jerious Norwood could get the lion's share of touches in Atlanta, he'd be a more serious candidate in my mind.
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                                im surprised addai has so few votes....he is the sole back with maroney, but he is an offense that will move more and gain more yards then almost all the others, and will focus alot of attention to the passing game, he can catch out the backfield, and is a workhorse type back, i think they were very happy he was still there, and i think he has the biggest year

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