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Mike Tomlin Calls Out NFL?

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  • Mike Tomlin Calls Out NFL?

    Is he right or what? I know a lot of people don't care probably, I just thought it would be for good discussion in the middle of the week.

    Edit: Here's another link.
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    I don't exactly understand what the problem is really. Is he saying players wouldn't hit as hard if a whistle was blown sooner?

    I would much prefer the whistle be blown late rather than early. If you blow a play dead early, then you can't take that back. If you wait and blow the whistle late, you can take it back sometimes (Like reviewing if a player had a knee hit the ground or a foot out of bounds etc.).


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      Ironically, a quick whistle helped deliver victory for the Steelers on Sunday, given that the officials determined that quarterback Ben Roethlisberger had scored a touchdown before he actually scored a touchdown.
      imagine that.

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        Tomlin is right.

        The league is at odds with itself, to a degree. They want less incorrect calls and the route to get there seems to be a decrease in "quick whistles" and the dreaded referee huddle to discuss what happened and how to rule after the play is done.

        The league has reduced the effectiveness of officials and the result is an overabundance of "extended plays" that should be blown dead earlier than they are. Baltimore's strip of the ball vs. the Bills comes to mind, when the Bills player was being carried comlpletely off the ground yet no whistle was blown. Those types of plays (and the ones where ballcarriers take unnecessary hits due to late whistles) are where players get hurt.

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