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    Too bad Aaron Maybin has sucked in the NFL, I coulda went with an all Penn State OLB corps with Tamba Hali and Cameron Wake being the two most deserving OLBs in the AFC.

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      Probably zero Bengals that make it. None of them really deserve it either (except maybe Hall or JJ, but the competition there is stiff with Aso, Revis, Flowers, etc.).


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        So far for the titans-

        Michael Griffin
        Jason Babin
        Dave Ball
        David Stewart
        Jason Jones

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          Originally posted by FlyingElvis View Post
          Every year I wonder why the hell it even gives the option of 3 at every position. I don't necessarily pick 3 at each (K, P, C for example) and feel like it should be based on the lineup. It should be pick two for most positions and maybe an extra for positions like WR that may have 3 starting.

          I mean, honestly, who ******* cares enough to know which 3 kickers are having pro-bowl worthy seasons? lol
          Those and fullbacks. I had to vote a Bronco in at FB because I had not heard anything good about anyone else, and I had to get my homer on at least once.

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          Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
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            Please don't vote any Falcons in because they won't be able to play anyway. They'll be busy at that time. :D


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              Originally posted by Halsey View Post
              Please don't vote any Falcons in because they won't be able to play anyway. They'll be busy at that time. :D
              On IR?



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                Roddy White better make it this year.


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                  My ballot:

                  QB Vince Young
                  RB Chris Johnson
                  FB Ahmard Hall
                  WR Nate Washington
                  WR Kenny Britt
                  TE Bo Scaife
                  LT Michael Roos
                  LG Leroy Harris
                  C Eugene Amano
                  RG Jake Scott
                  RT David Stewart

                  LDE Jason Babin
                  LDT Jason Jones
                  RDT Tony Brown
                  RDE David Ball
                  LOLB Gerald McRath
                  MLB Stephen Tulloch
                  ROLB Will Witherspoon
                  LCB Alterraun Verner
                  RCB Cortland Finnegan
                  SS Chris Hope
                  FS Michael Griffin

                  P: Brett Kern
                  K: Rob Bironas
                  KR: Marc Marianiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

                  You guys though...bunch'o ******* homers you are.
                  Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

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                  Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                    Originally posted by Splat View Post

                    Vote for Brandon Flowers! =)

                    Let the homer fest begin...
                    and Tamba!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      Bethea- I'll always have a boner for him
                      Sam Bradford will be a bust- 2/24/2010

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                        Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf) View Post
                        Was picking three at each position THAT necessary?
                        No, it wasn't. Therefore, I didn't.

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                          Originally posted by Grizzlegom View Post
                          where's my Colt McCoy option?!?!?!?!?!?!? He's started just as many games as Ben

                          On a side note here are the only deserving Phins:
                          OLB Cameron Wake
                          LT Jake Long
                          CB Vontae Davis
                          WR Brandon Marshall

                          Others who deserve a look depending on who else is at their position (I haven't legitimately looked through it yet):
                          RT Vernon Carey
                          WR Davone Bess

                          Not really any other player is having a 'Pro Bowl' season. Neither DEs Kendall Langford and Randy Starks are having as good of a season as last year. SS Yeremiah Bell has taken a big step back following his first Pro Bowl year and nobody else on offense really even deserves mentioning.
                          I think you missed the 2nd slam dunk Fin Pro Bowler in Dan Carpenter. Him and Scobee will have quite the kicker battle.

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                            I voted for AJ Hawk...I don't feel bad about it either.

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                              The only eagles with a reasonable shot at the pro bowl are Michael Vick, Trent Cole and Sav Rocca. Asante Samuel will probably make it on name though. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin each still have a shot, and LeSean McCoy could have an outside shot as well.


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                                I may be a total homer here. Or not.



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