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    Lavar Arrington- was really starting to come around. Last few games showed flashes of his old self, including the bledsoe safety. Unfortunately, he messed up his tendon, and now is gone and contemplating retirement

    Will Demps- coming off knee surgery, and it showed. Played a little better torward the end as the knee started to heal, and he finally realized how much he was getting criticized by the fans. Lewis' D screwed up the whole team, and i feel spags' will improve him

    Brandon Short- brought backto NY to be a soid backup. Started when Lavar went down and did a pretty good job. good run stopper and hitter, but his lack off speed in coverage and pursuit hurt(eps. becuz he was with emmons ugh)

    Sam Madison- plagued by hammy injury all year, and well, just isnt the corner he used to be. too slow, and Lewis' scheme didnt suit him well.

    R.W. McQuarters- good nickle CB. Most likely best hands on the D(thats not saying much). Made some plays, but doesnt know how to blitz. Good pickup, who is a solid #3

    most other signings were mainly backups or practice guys, or guys who got cut in preseason(boo williams)
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      Originally posted by Space Ghost View Post
      Larry Tripplett.

      Pretty big disappointment. Didn't do anything special. Looked alright early in the season but fell off hard as the year went on. Lost a lot of playing time later in the season to some white fellers named Tim Anderson and Kyle Williams. Certainly wasn't helping our not so impressive rush defense.

      Anthony Thomas.

      Played as well as you could expect pretty much. Played fine when McGahee was injured and put up better statistics as a starter than a relief guy because of his running style (3.9 yards per carry in 2 starts against Indianapolis and Green Bay along with his 20 carries against Green Bay after McGahee was injured). He reached 109 yards against the Colts, not that impressive because that was when the Colts run defense was awful, more impressive were his 95 yards against the Packers after McGahee was hurt and behind a patched up line that had a new starters everywhere except center. Quality backup who earned his money and was resigned to have an increased role this season.

      Robert Royal.

      Most people thought of Robert Royal as a blocking tight-end in Washington, but he can catch and did enough of it in Buffalo under the circumstances he was. Most of the second half of the season he was kept in to block because of his skill in that area to help out 7th round rookie Terrance Pennington who was plugged into duty after the bye week when we shifted our entire line pretty much. Will get more balls thrown his way next year with the added talent on the offensive line.

      Peerless Price.

      Couldn't average over 10 yards per reception and saw his role go down late in the season. Isn't an ideal number two guy, but fits well in our rotation with Roscoe Parrish and Josh Reed as the 2/3 combo. If we don't bring in another wide receiver to compete and I don't expect we do so unless we get a receiver on the first day of the draft, should see more opportunities with a better understanding of the offense and a better feel for the quarterback. Not worth his salary and is just clogging up our depth chart more than anything for now.

      Kiwaukee Thomas.

      Played a lot better than I expected. Didn't show up on the box score often and you wouldn't know how well he played from that. A good nickel back for our scheme. Was resigned to be with the team again this year. He was great in coverage this year and was arguably better than our second corner Terrence McGee. If he had anything he could use to hold onto a football he would have had at least 5 interceptions last season, that is why he is on defense of course though.

      Craig Nall.

      Brought in to compete with JP Losman in training camp but he couldn't nudge the budding Losman. His signing should lead to the eventual departure of Kelly Holcomb. Provides good depth. With the new faith in Losman that the staff has now that they didn't coming in last year before camp he will even have more of an outside chance to see any action this year. Could end up being a good signing if Losman gets injured or if he plays like he did in 2005.
      Unfortunately, we also signed Tutan Reyes and Matt Bowen as well, and they both got cut this offseason. We also re-signed Josh Reed, which actually turned out pretty well.


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        Kevan Barlow (trade)- had one really good game and was good around the goal line, but sucked everywhere else C+

        Kimo Von Oelhoffen- showed his age, and played poorly, but his leadership helped everyone on our team, especially Dewayne Robertson and Shaun Ellis, learn the 3-4. C+

        Tim Dwight- played pretty well as a 3rd/4th receiver in the Wayne Chrebet role and good as a punt returner as well, but got hurt in the 2nd half of the season B-

        Matt Chatham and Brad Kassel- pretty much the same player, both contributed at the 3-4 and on special teams B-

        Andre Dyson- had a VERY underrated year, however got hurt towards the end. He is definately a good starter though. A-

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            Cincinnati Bengals

            Sam Adams
            Many Bengals fans were thrilled with this signing, calling it the best signing in our teams history... I was not one of them. Adams was effective at times but had injured his knee in the 3rd preseason game and played through it all year, he was rarely able to practice. He had surgery on it and says he's a brand new man for '07, I guess we'll see. For last year I'd give the signing a C.

            Dexter Jackson
            I'd give this signing a B. He was an obvious upgrade over one of the most terrible players in the league last year (Ifayeni Ohalete). He was effective in coverage and run support, great as a blitzer. However he was nothing special, didn't really make any big plays.


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              Originally posted by art vandelay View Post
              Unfortunately, we also signed Tutan Reyes and Matt Bowen as well, and they both got cut this offseason. We also re-signed Josh Reed, which actually turned out pretty well.
              I forgot completely about Reyes, but he wasn't terrible at guard before we switched up the line. I remembered Bowen but I didn't think I should put him on because it was an insignificant signing, same with Reyes pretty much. I didn't put up Reed because he never really left the team and wasn't a FA acquisition.


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                Worth every penny. The Colts would not have reached and won the Super Bowl had they signed someone else.

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                  I don't have the opportunity right now to go through all of the Saints free agent signing from last year, but I do think that the Saints might have had one of the best off-seasons last year, signing quarterback Drew Brees.

                  You might not agree, but I feel that this signing completely changed the franchise entirely and may have for years to come.

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                    Eagles had a bunch of FA acquisitions who were cut before the season started, but our main FA pick up was Darren Howard. He played very well for the first two games, but without Kearse, he dissapeared and played at a mediocre level.
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