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Young Guns: Bradford, Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman, Flacco, Ryan

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  • Young Guns: Bradford, Stafford, Sanchez, Freeman, Flacco, Ryan

    (I looked thru a few pages here, and didn't see this already... I saw Cassell vs someone, and another smaller one, but not this)

    Who do you think will be the best of these 6 young guns, when all is said and done?

    All QBs who are in their first 3 years, they've all got some nice accomplishments already.

    Which one would you put your money on if you had to pick one guy to buy stock in now for the biggest long term gain?

    Now there are different ways to define "greatest" or "best".

    We've had those debates with guys like Montana vs Marino, Aikman vs Steve Young, or now with Brady vs Peyton Manning.

    Some guys think Super Bowl rings trump everything.
    Others think personal statistics, accuracy, passing records, MVPs, etc are more important than the rings, because often times the rings are won by the best team, not best passer.

    But I'm curious to see which of these young guns is loved the most here.

    And I am talking about real here... I mean in their real situation, with their real team. NOT talking about hypothetically starting teams from scratch.

    I think all 6 teams appear to have pretty bright futures so crappy team excuses shouldn't kill anyone chances here. I almost put Colt McCoy on here! Can't remember if Henne is in his 3rd year or 4th, but he misses the cut here anyway.

    Bradford has looked great for a rookie, has the Rams winning games. He's getting raves.
    Stafford has shown some great things, and with Calvin and Best there, some like their offense a lot going forward.
    Flacco, Matty Ice, Sanchez, and Freeman all have teams who are doing great, and their futures look bright. So I can see any of their fans making a good case for their guy.

    Who can make the best case?
    Josh Freeman, Bucs
    Matthew Stafford, Lions
    Sam Bradford, Rams
    Mark Sanchez, Jets
    Joe Flacco, Ravens
    Matt Ryan, Falcons

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    I'll take Stafford. I think he's far and away the most talented and I'm betting (and hoping for Stafford's sake) that Mayhew and company take the necessary steps to keep him upright so he can show those talents off.


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      I clicked Freeman before realizing Flacco was part of this. Regardless, those are my 1 and 2 currently. Stafford has the potential to move up if he stays healthy and plays well.


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        It's good to finally see some 1st round quarterbacks living up to the draft status.

        1. Stafford
        2. Freeman
        3. Ryan
        4. Flacco
        5. Bradford
        6. Sanchez
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          Why are Flacco and Ryan included but not Henne? They are all in their 3rd season. Henne has only started one year though, unlike the other two.
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            I'll take that guy.

            Flacco is my second option.
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            Mike Will & V-Jax


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              Watch this and tell me you dont love stafford. So much heart.


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                I went Flacco, I think out of everyone Flacco has the most potential. With a couple more good draft this Ravens team can continue to be great even after the greats like Ray Lewis and Ed Reed have ended their illustrious careers. It seems there is a turning point in this young Ravens' franchise: once all about defense, it seems the tables are turning and the offense (Led by Flacco, Rice, and great O-Line) will soon be the identity of the Baltimore Ravens.

                I also really like Freeman. I don't know why people we so down on him; this could be a case of hindsight bias, but I personally didn't think he was as bad as some amde him out to be. I like Mike Williams, Benn, and LeGarrette Blount. The offense looks like it has some real potential.

                As Beerbaron said Flacco and Freeman are my #1 and #2.

                Bone Krusher, the best


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                  Stafford if he can stay healthy.

                  I think everyone is overreacting to Freeman, don't forget the Denver Broncos this time last year were 6-0


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                    Bradford. He was my favorite prospect out of all of them and he's doing great so far. I can't wait to see what he'll do with some actual talent around him.
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                      Originally posted by VoodooMonkey View Post
                      Bradford. He was my favorite prospect out of all of them and he's doing great so far. I can't wait to see what he'll do with some actual talent around him.
                      Bradford definately has talent around him, just not really in the passing game(which is what I assume you mean). He has a great young Oline as well as a top RB in S-Jax


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                        I would like for Stafford to stay healthy for a whole year. If Bradford keeps this up, he would get my vote.
                        The reason I voted for Freeman was that I am impressed with how he has taken command of the Bucs and has been able to make plays when it counts. He's also been the hardest worker on the team. They all can still improve, but right now, I would go with Freeman.


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                          I went with Stafford. Love the kid...sexually.
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                          Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                            I'll take Flacco. He has the arm, he has the poise, and he has the GM to make it happen.
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                              Refer to sig cuz he is on my team, I love him, and I am a flaming **** I mean homer.



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