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Are the G-Men on the verge of another SB run??

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    Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post

    But there's no way we get to Vick like that. Vick is just ridiculous.
    In the past he took a lot of sacks. Sometimes he steps out to dodge someone and ends up getting pancaked by someone else he didn't see. The problem is he's kind of a Chris Johnson esque runner. When defenders are going for the tackle, they can't blow him up or anything really, they have to focus on making contact, slow up, and make sure they actually hit something.

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      I was hoping we'd fly under the Radar, but I think we have some issues to work on before we can be considered good or elite. But I do like how we fired Bill Sheridan. That was the move of the offseason!


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        2010 Giants > Greatest Show on Turf


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          Well the jinx has begun. We've lost Adam Koets for the year and now David Diehl will be out for several weeks. The O-Line shuffle will continue.

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            Just when the oline started looking good too.

            Fantastic. It's going to be like the first 4 weeks of the season when the oline looked like a JV squad.

            Hopefully Andrews continues to ball out there, and Petrus can hopefully step up.



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