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While the call for the blow to the head of Manning is legit.

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    If that is the spirit behind the rule then you may aswell just say that on pass plays the offensive and defensive lines leave the field and we go to no pass rush because that is pathetic.

    I understand if it is a club to the head, but that was not even close to that. There absolutely needs to be an intent and a sufficient force element to that flag, a brush of the helmet, especially whilst being blocked into him, is just not a flag, or shouldn't be.

    All that said, the QB is not a defenseless player, they should be treated like a RB whilst the hold the ball, in my opinion. The second the ball is released they should become a defenseless player and institute the additional protection, no problem with that, but, imo, if you are holding the ball you should have no special protection at all.

    Maybe I'm biased because I'd rather watch running plays, tackles and the like then watch glorified flag football but I don't really care!

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      Originally posted by bsaza2358 View Post
      I wonder if the same contact happened against Charlie Whitehurst or Matt Cassel or Jason Campbell if the refs would have called it. Did Manning get more protection based on his status? I'm not accusing anything, just trying to see what others think.
      VY was picked up and dumped on his head by 3 Steelers defenders without a peep from the refs.

      Yes, status matters.



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