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Week 10 Discussion Thread

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  • Week 10 Discussion Thread

    Baltimore @ Atlanta - 8:20 PM (NFLN)

    Detroit @ Buffalo - 1:00 PM (FOX)
    Carolina @ Tampa Bay - 1:00 PM (FOX)
    Minnesota @ Chicago - 1:00 PM (FOX)
    Houston @ Jacksonville - 1:00 PM (CBS)
    Tennessee @ Miami - 1:00 PM (CBS)
    NY Jets @ Cleveland - 1:00 PM (CBS)
    Cincinnati @ Indianapolis - 1:00 PM (CBS)
    Kansas City @ Denver - 4:05 PM (CBS)
    St. Louis @ San Francisco - 4:15 PM (FOX)
    Dallas @ NY Giants - 4:15 PM (FOX)
    Seattle @ Arizona - 4:15 PM (FOX
    New England @ Pittsburgh - 8:20 PM (NBC)

    Monday Night
    Philadelphia @ Washington - 8:30 PM (ESPN)

    The week gets off to an early start with the Thursday night game. Ray Lewis criticized the notion of a Thursday night game as unfair to players. He believes they do not have enough time to rest up. I think his criticisms are valid, but I don't care. It means less time between NFL viewings for me, so I'm happy.
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      I'll be cheering for the Donkeys this weekend. That sound you hear is me puking in my mouth ...yuck


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        Buffalo victory week.


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          Talib has immense wood at the thought of Jimmer Jammin Clausen playing


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            National TV games are awesome.

            Texans and Dolphins need Ws badly.

            If San Fran wins, they are right back in the NFC Best race.
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              Not sure what to think of the Bears game this week. I was more scared last week vs. the Bills....

              But I've learned that while there is no way you can count on them in any game (see Seattle, Washington games) you also can't count them out of any game. You just don't know what the hell kind of team is going to show up until the game actually starts.

              A win keeps us in the thick of things in the NFC.


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                Hey Knowshown Moreno...remember this


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                  Biggest game since at least 2006 for the Rams. They have a chance to bury San Fransisco and take a hold of the NFC West.

                  The Rams offense just needs to move the ball and put some points on the board, and the Defense will do its part.

                  'nuff said.
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                    Hey NotRickJames,

                    Die in a fire.




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                      The Colts are going to destroy the Bengals at home after coming up short on the road in Philly, especially with the bad feelings Cincy probably has in losing to the Steelers.


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                        After McNabb's post-game speech after the first matchup, I hope the eagles embarrass him this week. I lost a ton of respect for him after that.


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                          I lost no respect for McNabb. He has been nothing but a class act all the way in Philly, and it was an emotional moment. Get over yourself. You were more upset about the loss and the Vick injury than what McNabb said...

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                            Dallas is the main 4 a clock game :(


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                              Pitt vs NE... I'm scared shitless.
                              Doesn't help that I have Rapelisburger and Mendenhall on my FF team.

                              I'm hoping BB comes up with something bc if NE wins this game, it will have to be with defense
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