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Tampa's Mike Williams arrested for DUI

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    I think he will get a fine for putting himself in that position, but I really don't think he will be charged with a dui, just a speeding ticket.


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      The team already fined him.
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        Most of the time it does. Other times you get a warning, suspensions/fines usually result from breaking the law.
        Most of the major suspensions have happened before any legal proceedings. Vick, Burress, Roethlisberger and Pacman all come to mind as guys who got suspended prior to any charges being laid, in the case of Pacman and Roethlisberger there weren't any charges and it didn't matter.

        Basically the league policy is entirely at Goodell's discretion, once you are out after midnight if there is any kind of altercation/incident you fall under his guise and he can decide to suspend/fine you at his discretion. I'm pretty sure it is a system that would not hold up in the court of law but no player is going to challenge it as it would effectively be a death sentence to your career so they cop it on the chin and get on with things.

        I actually think that Goodell's actions draw far more negative light, he very much seems like a sad little dictator when he suspends and fines players for not actually doing anything, very much should be a link between criminal activity and any fines, his whole assumption of guilt is unethical in my book. You are guilty until proven innocent and even then you are still guilty.

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          I tried telling everyone that the personal conduct policy would become this contradictory and convoluted.

          Basically, your punishment directly correlates with how much media attention your indiscretions receive.


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            Usually if it's a first time offense, you might face a fine from the league, however if you put yourself in this position again, then a suspension will come (see Roethlisbuerger.)

            After reading this story, it seems to me the cops were being a couple of @**Holes giving this man a hard time. He voluntarily took a urine test to prove he was not under the influence of drugs and was right. It sucks that he may have to go to court to perhaps fight these DUI charges.



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