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Most underrated player on your team is:

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    Geno Hayes.

    Mike Will & V-Jax


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      Chad Greenway is just about the only Viking I think can fall into this category, maybe Herrera who has quietly been probably our 2nd best lineman this year(not saying much).

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        D'Brickashaw Ferguson...up there with Thomas for best LT in the league, but doesn't really get talked up like one. Kept Mario Williams in check today...his sacks came against 75 the RT after Woody left and then one coverage/hustle sack.

        Or Braylon Edwards, who has a bad rep but he's a locker room guy and really good WR.

        Scott's pretty underrated because Davis Harris gets the better stats. Scott does alot of the dirty work.
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          I'd go with either Chris Clemons or Red Bryant.

          Clemons was buried on the depth chart in Philly but since coming to Seattle he's been awesome. He's constantly in the backfield and has given us that legitimate pass rusher we've been missing for so long. His name needs to be in the Pro Bowl discussion.

          Bryant was never more then a "meh" player at DT, but was playing awesome at DE for us. With him in the line up, our run defense was phenomenal. Since losing him, our run D looks like the run D of last year. Being so great against the run on 1st and 2nd down really allowed us to use a lot of 5 and 6 DB sets, but when you can't stop the run and give your opponent 2nd + 3rd and short you can't do that. Our defense really looks a lot worse without him.


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            I'd actually go with Bradie James for Dallas. In a **** year, he's actually played some very good football. And while he has never been great in coverage, he's always been a very solid LB for us, and a mainstay in the defense, for the last 7 years or so.

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              Manumaleuna sucks.

              For the Bears id say: Danieal Manning, Brad Maynard and Idonije


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                Originally posted by *** Ork Wang View Post
                Manumaleuna sucks.

                For the Bears id say: Danieal Manning, Brad Maynard and Idonije
                Yeah really, Manu? What was that guy smoking....

                For who you mentioned:

                Manning - Has been an animal this year. The last few years, he earned the nickname "The Matador" for a reason, but he hasn't been afraid to lay the lumber at all this year. I really hope we resign him as he's only on a one year tender right now. And hopefully Major Wright can step up to man the other safety spot headed forward because Chris "I thought you were covering him" Harris leaves a lot to be desired....

                Idonije - He's been underrated for a few seasons now. I loved him the last two years...was probably our best d-lineman. This year with Peppers drawing all the attention, he has really taken over. Gotta love his story too starting out on the practice squad, then moved to special teams at a 6'6 270+, then into the rotation where he rocked, now starting and he rocks. Awesome.

                Our starting DTs also deserve a mention in Anthony Adams and Matt Toeaina. I read an article earlier this year where Urlacher was quoted saying this pair is his favorite to play behind that he's had in his career. Even better than early on when he had Washington and Traylor, and better than when pro-bowl Harris and Tank Johnson when we made the Superbowl. They aren't the greatest pass rushers ever, but they hold the line well and free up the linebackers to make plays. Big reason why our run defense has been so good.


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                  Delanie Walker and Takeo Spikes


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                    - Jason Peters and Asante Samuel are considered over-rated around the NFL, but are having such beastly seasons that they are now under-rated. Both are much deserving of the pro bowl this year.

                    - Dimitri Patterson is coming into his own starting opposite Samuel, I didn't think he would make the 53 man roster this year but he might have solidified a starting spot through at least next season, at least until the rookie we probably draft in the early rounds becomes ready to take over.

                    - The loss of Leonard Weaver and Jamaal Jackson for the season in the first game seemed devastating at first, but their replacements, Owen Schmitt and Mike McGlynn, have played very admirably and deserve starting spots in the NFL.

                    - Neither Antonio Dixon or Moise Fokou started the year in the starting lineup, but after Dixon was promoted because of injury, and Fokou was promoted due to poor play by Akeem Jordan, the defense has been night and day better in defending the run. They bring a physicality that the defense seemed to lack when they let the likes of Jahvid Best and Ryan Torain run wild on them.


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                      Dwayne Bowe.


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                        Peyton Manning. That guy gets like zero recognition for his effort every week.

                        But no seriously I don't know who to nominate for the Colts.

                        Jerraud Powers, I guess. As a rookie he was our best corner last year and he still is today, but most people think Kelvin Hayden is.


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                          Definitely Terrance Knighton


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                            Pretty much hit the nail on the head with the three Packers already mentioned but I'm going to throw a few names out there for fun.
                            Korey Hall - outstanding special teamer, good lead blocker
                            Desmond Bishop - He's been so good since Barnett went down. Resigning him and Tramon are our top offseason priorities. Even if it means we cut Hawk, which I would still rather not do. I think Hawk could play outside in our defense, but that's neither here nor there.
                            James Jones - He's emerging as a big play threat and he's challenging Donald Driver for the #2 receiver spot already. Another guy that we need to extend this offseason

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                              Chris Ivory and it isn't even close. I love this guy, and if he really continues to prove himself, PT or Bush may not have a job in the "Big Easy" next year.

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                                Bryan McCann has been the nobody hero who emerged from nowhere, the SMU UDFA DB for Dallas, 102-yd punt return & an INT as the backup to Terence Newman in the 1st 2 Jason Garrett-coached games to aid rare wins this yr. vs. The Giants & Detroit.



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