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    Originally posted by Pil View Post
    He hasn't really proved himself yet.

    by BoneKrusher
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      I don't know how you could list our long snapper as underrated.

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        Originally posted by Pil View Post
        LOL. No.

        Chris Carr.


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          Originally posted by Go_Eagles77 View Post
          - Asante Samuel Antonio Dixon
          Fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fapppppppppppppp

          Samuel's incredible this year. He covers, gets picks and tackles!

          Dixon is ridiculous. How this guy went undrafted is beyond me.


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            Eli, Boley and Jonathon Goff


            Originally posted by AcheTen
            JPP is a better and more productive player than Brandon Graham
            Originally posted by abaddon41_80
            Is Shaun Hill a top 10 QB? Definitely not. Is he a top 20 one? Almost certainly.
            Originally posted by JBCX
            Most misleading 10+ sack season EVER.


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              Jonathan Goff was an absolute manimal at Vandy. I remember after his junior year alot of people in the Vanderbilt organization thought he was going to be a first round pick. IDK how exactly he fell into the 5th round after his college production and having all the speed, size and intelligence you could want from a linebacker.

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                For the Colts, I'd go with Melvin Bullitt. He's on the IR now, but he's a fairly good safety that not many people know about. He's really made the loss of Sanders not as significant till he got injured as well.


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                  Originally posted by Draft King View Post
                  Jonathan Babineaux, William Moore, Harvey Dahl

                  I also kind of want to say Roddy White, because he doesn't get the recognition he deserves outside of this forum, but I won't.

                  That's a bingo.


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                    Brandon Banks


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                      1)Geno Hayes
                      2)EJ Biggers
                      3)Quincy Black


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                        For the Eagles:
                        1. Antonio Dixon: Since he stepped in at DT the Eagles defense has given next to nothing in rushing yards at crucial times in games, shutting down some very good running units.

                        2. Dmitiri Patterson: Since he took over for Hobbs, our RCB position has looked 100 times better. His first matchup as a starter was against Reggie Wayne, and did a great job of limitting his production. Wayne still had 7 or 8 catches for 80 or 90 yards, but Patterson didn't give up a TD and Wayne didn't have many yards after the catch. Patterson has also stepped up bigtime in supporting the run.

                        3. Moise Fokou: I wasn't as big of a fan of his as many Eagle fans, and actually I thought he might find himself without a roster spot this season. Glad I was wrong, because as soon as he stepped in at SLB, our run defense improved. Fokou and Dixon are the two big reasons for the improved run D, as well as Bradley getting confidence back in his knee.

                        4. Owen Schmitt: I love watching him play. I still wish Weaver could be healthy, with him, I have no idea what defenses would do with our offense, but Schmitt has been the best possible replacement at FB that I could've hoped for. He is a good blocker (though not as good as I anticipated, honestly), and a very good runner and receiver (better than I expected, especially as a receiver).

                        5. Mike McGlynn and Nick Cole: They are the weak spot on our O-line, but honestly, not by as much as many people, including some Eagles fans, think. McGlynn has done a great job in his first season at Center, and if he continues his improvement, it may be hard for Jamaal Jackson to overtake him next season. Cole just looks like an RG and plays like one. He is so hard to gain leverage on because he is so short and so strong, plus he weighs somewhere arounf 350 lbs. He's quicker than many would expect for his size, as well. These two have done a good job in run blocking and pass pro (the whole O-line has for the most part). They are playing well enough at this point that if the Eagles would be unable to draft a top O-linemen in the draft, the unit should be fine next season barring injury.

                        I'm not going to list him, but Sav Rocca has also been a lot more consistent this season and has lifted some booming punts. He was one of the bright spots of the team actually for the first month or so.
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                          I'm not going to list him, but Sav Rocca has also been a lot more consistent this season and has lifted some booming punts. He was one of the bright spots of the team actually for the first month or so.
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                            Originally posted by Pil View Post
                            Way to pick a name at random. He's been useless. I think I've seen more good blocks out of Greg Olsen than that waste of a roster spot.

                            I'm going with Danieal Manning.


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                              Antonio Dixon is awesome...Had him pegged after I read he was seen as the 2nd coming of Wilfork when he got recruited...Good guess...Do the Eagles go with Bunkley-Dixon as the DTs or Dixon-Patterson after 2010?


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                                Hands down it's Antonio Garay. Guy is absolutely tearing it up at NT. He pressures, he shuts down the run, and he's nasty and doesn't take $h!& from nobody. Playing as well as any other 3-4 T in the league right now, in my humble opinion.
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