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Most underrated player on your team is:

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  • Most underrated player on your team is:

    Tough question, and hard to evaluate/judge, because a lot of it depends on other people's perceptions.

    But for my Packers, I can think of 3 guys off the top of my head.

    #1- Josh Sitton, RG
    This guy is without a doubt a Pro Bowler right now. I don't think there's another OG in the league we would trade him for considering how good he is and how young he is. But nobody outside of the ice village up there is aware of him and he'll get screwed out of the Pro Bowl. Dallas' POS Leonard Davis will probably beat him for the Pro Bowl based on his name and team.

    #2- Tramon Williams, CB/PR
    He might be starting to make a name for himself, but most fans around the country still don't know how good this guy has been playing. Ask Packer fans who's been covering better this whole season, him or Woodson. Williams contract is up, and this guy is going to win a big lottery. Hopefully it's the Wisconsin Powerball. Tramon (and Sam Shields) is the reason why the Packers shockingly let Al Harris go a few weeks ago.

    #3- Cullen Jenkins, DE
    I still remember opening week of the 2007 NFL Season, and the big Tuna Parcells was in the booth for someone, and he mentioned this guy's name out of the blue as a great underrated player. Still, I don't think other team's fans have a clue how good this guy is.
    In 2008, when he went down with the torn pec when we were 2-1 or something like that, our defense totally fell apart after that game and the season was a loss. He's a better 4-3 DT, but he's still great for us in the many schemes that Dom Capers throws out there. I still don't know why Kris Jenkins has a big name, but Cullen doesn't. Cullen says it's because of the colleges.

    How bout your team?

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    Eric Steinbach and Ahtyba Rubin.

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      Jonathan Babineaux, William Moore, Harvey Dahl

      I also kind of want to say Roddy White, because he doesn't get the recognition he deserves outside of this forum, but I won't.


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        Kendrick Lewis. He is actually having a better overall season than Eric Brry, maybe. The team is undefeated when he starts. He is probably the most valuable rookie or McCluster.

        Terrance Copper is underrated. Just because he a special teams champ.

        Jovan Belcher, the thudding ILB for KC.
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        Originally posted by Hermstheman83
        What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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          At this point Nobody on the Bengals becasue this team is a joke

          RIP themaninblack


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            #1 for me is still Jason Jones

            #2 I would have to go with Ahmard Hall

            #3 is a tough one but I think I would go with Vincent Fuller


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              1) Jim Leonard(He is a gutsy safety and I am sure everyone knows this dude overachieves and doesn't shy away from any contact but its his punt returning that has been brilliant. I read a stat that was posted during today's game that said he is 2nd in punt return yardage or something like that I believe. He may fair catch the ball a lot but he always get his 10-15 yards when given the chance. Very, very underrated in this area. Never fumbles it either which is huge. He isn't Devin Hester but he is smart with where he is going and when to call a fair catch...which may be a lost art these days.)

              2) Brandon Moore(Jet fans know how good this guy is but I dont know if the rest of the league does. Great run blocker, very good at pass protection, very rarely gets penalized and is very durable. Peter King gave him credit in a article of some midseason report but hey gotta get this man's name out there some more)

              3) Mike DeVito(Really Sione Pouha also deserves some credit but man DeVito goes so unnoticed its insane. With Jenkins gone, this duo is unheralded but they get at the RBs who come up and they are a huge reason why the Jets Run D is sharp. DeVito is always making a big play and his helmet gets popped off somehow. Wasn't drafted, comes out of Maine I think and becomes a productive beast for the Jets. Both guys deserve big shouts)


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                I'd say Mike Thomas but everyone knows about him now.

                I'm going with Terrence "Pot Roast" Knighton. He's been a beast in the middle as a rookie playing at a Pro Bowl level. Also, Tyson Alualu has been playing well too. I wondered if we could ever replace Stroud and Henderson, and I think we have.

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                  for KC

                  #1 Barry Richarson RT - outside of last week when he was benched B-Rich has been the unsung hero on KC's improved OL

                  #2 Jovan Belcher ILB - Derrick Johnson gets all the love but Belcher has been a gem for Haley and co.

                  3. Brandon Carr CB - like DJ with Belcher Carr flys under the readar thanks to Brandon Flowers.comepared to how bad he was last year Carr has tremendously improved


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                    It's difficult for the Steelers this year, players that would usually go un-noticed are getting their due recognition this year.

                    But players that are playing above their name recognition are;

                    1: Lawrence Timmons
                    2: Maurkice Pouncey
                    3: Nick Eason


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                      Benjarvus Green-Ellis
                      The #1 runningback who has contributed to the Patriots ability to yet again run the ball. Since Bill Belichick has been here, the Patriots have had a good rushing game and they haven't had a great running back since 05.

                      Jermaine Cunningham
                      A rookie OLB who is a good run stopper and a good pass rusher. He struggles a bit setting the edge and in coverage, but he definitely is the future of the Patriots pass rush.

                      Pat Chung
                      When Chung is in the game, he may not be the best cover safety in the NFL, but he puts the F in Physical to quote coach Mike Singletary. The kid is a monster hitter and could be a Pro Bowl safety if he could cover a bit better.
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                        I'd throw in Connolly, the job he's done replacing Lankins and now Neal- hes been great
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                          Originally posted by J-Mike88 View Post
                          Tough question, and hard to evaluate/judge, because a lot of it depends on other people's perceptions.

                          But for my Packers, I can think of 3 guys off the top of my head.

                          #1- Josh Sitton, RG
                          #2- Tramon Williams, CB/PR
                          #3- Cullen Jenkins, DE
                          That'd be top 2 but I'd put B.J. Raji just ahead of Jenkins. He's been a huge key to our defense and anchoring down a line that's had some injuries.


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                            Lorenzo Alexander..!


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                              For the Chiefs, I'm going to go with Matt Cassel. He gets **** on on a daily basis, but he has 2100 yards, 18 tds and 4 picks. He's quietly having a great year. He doesn't get enough credit.

                              Originally posted by fenikz
                              His soft D really turns me off
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