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Eagles Stadium Going Green, Now Figuratively, As Well.

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  • Eagles Stadium Going Green, Now Figuratively, As Well.

    I'm sure some of you heard about this watching the game last night, but I thought it was an incredible idea, that honestly, I'm surprised wasn't put into motion sooner. This article mentions work the company in charge is also working at Fenway, but not to the extent of what they're doing at the Linc. This is just another example of how good of an owner Laurie is, is you ask me, he not only does what's best for the team, but is constantly thinking of ways to improve his investment in the team outside of the actual team...
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    This is a great business move and a great PR move by Lurie. First of all, I'm sure the cost of building these improvements will be heavily subsidized by the owners of the machinery. They will trade licensing and press for the cost. Secondly, any other cost will probably count as a tax write off for the team in 2011. Thirdly, it reduces the cost of operations substantially down the line.

    Of course, there is the whole eco-friendly aspect. More attention for the stadium and the team. It was also announced during NBC's Green Week, so the timing was fabulous.

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      I love this idea. The tree-hugging part of me wants to high-five the Eagles on this.

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        Won't have to use batteries anymore. Which frees up the fans to more freely throw them at opposing fans. Haha I had to. But good for them. I'm sure more teams will follow now.


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          There are good owners and there are bad owners. Lurie is a good one.



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