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Most overrated player on your favorite team: 2010 edition

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    Originally posted by BufFan71 View Post
    Lee Evans and Jairus Byrd

    Byrd has been downright awful... so bad, that even after getting 9 interceptions last year. He already lost his starting job
    Marcus Stroud needs to be in the conversation as well, his last game was his best, but other than that game, he has been invisable 99% of the time. Lee Evans still gets double covered alot, although I would not put him on the list, I can see why others would. Byrd has been god awful this year.
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      For the Patriots I will say Jerod Mayo actually. His play has really improved from last year when he was hurt a lot. This year though he is getting a lot of credit for racking up ridiculous tackle numbers but he is not making enough big plays. Against the run he is a monster, but he is probably the Patriots third best ILB against the pass at the moment, and for a former top ten pick that is not good enough.

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        Everyone on the Cowboys roster is underrated.
        Originally posted by Jake Locker View Post
        Is that a joke? You still have tony romo marion barber and roy williams. You have some good young guys but I think you're getting carried away.
        Yes them. Roy Williams gets kudos for being a viable force in the offnese again this season & finding the EZ again, it was almost unknown territory for him before.

        Leonard Davis is overrated & has outlived his uselfulness. He used to dominate on the OL, now he gets manhandled by smaller, quicker D-linemen.
        Starting to show all the mileage of his career & just tends to quit when the team gets down or wears down in the 2nd half. I think it's his last yr in Dallas


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          For the Chiefs I will go with Brandon Carr, his play has improved from last year but I still feel like he is overrated by some Chiefs fans and some non Chiefs fans.


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            Originally posted by tenorx View Post
            Nah I competely disagree. Ward is still a very good physical WR, he fights for every damn yard, and wins us games. Now Wallace has taken over as clear #1, but Ward is not overrated at all
            About Troy: Well he is the most important cog in our defense, you've seen what happened last year when he wasn't there, total mess. This year, we are awesome again. Troy has had 1-2 bad games, but overall he is a beast.

            Who I think is really overrated is Casey Hampton. He is a good NT, but Hoke has replaced him totally fine, like zero difference.
            casey has played at a very high level this himself he has made the loss of the other 2 ends not look as terrible as it should. hes as quick off the ball as ive ever seen him and give it his all

            ward fights for yards, sure....but he is and always has been overrated. i know he can throw a nice blindside block every now and then but theres a ton of other WRs id take over ward, not just now but over his whole career. hes never been among the leagues top WRs ever, and thats why ward to the HOF talks makes me laugh
            Originally posted by Smooth Criminal View Post
            James Farrior for the Steelers. Hes not even close to the player he once was and he still gets a lot of credit from fans.
            farrior is easily the slowest player on the defense....i really hope this is his last year


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              Everyone knows Dhall still sucks right?
              RIP Sean Michael Taylor


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                Knowshon Moreno & DJ Williams. Knowshon is a bust, you can't teach speed, and the dude is flat out slowwwwwwwww. 1 yard of longer than 17 yards this year, went for 24.


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                  For the Ravens, it would probably be Michael Oher since he's move to LT. He was great as a rookie on the right side and that's where he should of stayed. It worked to his skill set a lot better. He's been quite up and down this year since moving to the left side. He's still one of the best young OT's in the game but still needs to become more consistent.

                  Ravens1991 has brought this up, but its hard not to think that the stupid movie influenced the coaching staff decision to move him there. Oher was better on the right side where he's left alone in space less and can be more physical. Gaither is better suited on the left with his natural athleticism and pass pro skills. When they switched sides, Gaither was unhappy which lead to a downward spiral of him getting in Harbs doghouse, losing 40lbs and eventually getting injured. I can't help but think things would of been better up front for the Ravens had they not felt the need to move Oher to the "Blindside".


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                    Hmmm, having a hard time figuring out who is really overrated on the Saints... probably a lot of the supporting cast sort of guys like Lance Moore, Devery, Meachem, etc. I think the key cogs don't get enough credit for how good they are, and the "other guys" get a litle more than they deserve, nothing ridiculously bad though.

                    Defense is ridiculously underrated though, Scott Fujita was ridiculously overrated here, he would be my vote easily if he were still here.
                    Originally posted by SNIPER26
                    fwiw, i amz deunks ofs myt ass. ilo vez drinmoinz befotre i post. wha t a hreat ideas.z.


                    • If anyone thinks Shaun O'Hara is any good... at all... in anyway what so ever.

                      He's overrated.

                      I'd also say Barry Cofield, though he has played well has been somewhat overrated throughout his career.

                      Bone Krusher, the best


                      • Originally posted by Hurricanes25 View Post
                        Yeah, I would go with Greene or even Bart Scott.
                        about to mention scott. With his contract especially. Would you guys say calvin pace is overrated? i expected more sacks from him since we signed him
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                        • Originally posted by Jimmy View Post
                          Knowshon Moreno & DJ Williams. Knowshon is a bust, you can't teach speed, and the dude is flat out slowwwwwwwww. 1 yard of longer than 17 yards this year, went for 24.
                          but SEC SPEEDZZZZZZZZZ
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