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    dont get me wrong im glad he dropped it, but its a shame seeing a talented young player like that break down afterwards....a few crushing hits from polamalu and williams *** were in his head i think.

    god hates you stevie....even so, it was still a catchable ball

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      I love the passion. It makes me think this dude might not be a one year wonder after all.


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        Originally posted by bigbluedefense View Post
        Is it wrong if I like him more for this?
        I kept thinking of a family guy episode where they rip on this, lol.


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          Me and YFS can't be the only people who love this.


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            I joked saying the football gods did it on purpose to spice up the SNF match up of Ravens VS. Steelers some more. But I never expected this to happen. This is just wierd.


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              Originally posted by Pil View Post
              Me and YFS can't be the only people who love this.
              did the thread full of people saying how they think its hilarious/great/etc not give that away?

              RIP ST


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                If the Steelers can thank god for winning, he should be able to blame god for losing.


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                  Did Steve Johnson actually just HELP the Bills?

                  It hurts now... but think about it... Will that drop actually be looked at as one of the main reasons they get LUCKy in April (which could then lead to a bright new era in Buffalo).... They are 2-9, not 6-5....
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                    If this guy can continue to play well enough to keep himself in the spotlight, I think we might be seeing a lot of TO type media antics. Should be entertaining.


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                      The Twitters


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                        I love that hes producing.

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                          I was with a steelers fan yesterday and kept saying stevie johnson was god and then i saw him break away on that pass and was like OH **** HES GONNA KILL ME then it goes right through his hands.

                          I just kinda stared at the screen was half happy because i wasn't murdered and half sad because stevie johnson is the man and the steelers didnt lose.


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                            Its not gods fault that he psyched himself out and dropped the ball. This is steve johnson of the buffalo many opportunities has this guy had to make a game-winning catch?


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                              Maybe it's just me but personally I think he's gonna let this catch ruin his career and he's going to be known for this moment being the last time anybody remembers him. Which is sad because he was always talented especially in College, and he looked like he was turning the corner as a pro player.

                              Still he just took this completely the wrong way, and definately took it way too hard. What big time WR hasn't dropped a big time catch before? Probably more then once, the great ones put it behind them and make 10x more great plays to make you forget about it.

                              Just a few weeks ago the Texans were driving down to beat(mind is drawing a blank right now on who this was) and when they got inside the 20, Schaub threw a slant to AJ that would have been a TD. Instead he dropped it, bobbled it and kicked it with his knee for the other team to intercept. But that doesn't matter because he shows up every week to make plays when the team needs him.

                              I get the feelings he's lost all his confidence and focus, and I honestly think he's just gonna end up turning into a crap player from here on out. Maybe it's an overreaction on my part but his press conferences and tweet I didn't hear anything that made me feel like he'd ever recover from this.

                              Originally posted by Scott Wright
                              I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                                Originally posted by fear the elf View Post
                                Are you sure he is blaming God or is he just saying he won't forget it? As in, he'll learn from it and become better for it.

                                Just wondering...
                                This whole concept is dumb. This thread is going to get banned. Before it is, I will say this. These God arguments make no sense because for him to be successful, somebody else has to be a failure. Does that mean that God hates the cornerback but loves the wide receiver?



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