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    Originally posted by unself View Post
    How do you think the 2008 Patriots felt?
    That was a funny year. I think the Dolphins won 9 of their last 10 and that one loss was a big one at home vs. New England after starting the year 0-2.


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      It isn't that difficult to change if your team is below 500 they don't make the playoffs otherwise everything is the same if all teams in the division are below 500 that slot becomes another wild card.
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      Originally posted by njx9
      oh please. as if canadians even know what beer is.


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        Why would you even consider changing the playoff rules to deal with a hypothetical situation that probably won't even happen?


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          Originally posted by K Train View Post
          if they do this, then playing an NFC west team should count for less like playing boise or tcu in NCAA

          give me a NFC west team has 5 superbowls and the other 3 have been to a superbowl in the last decade, no other division can say that. teams go through rebuilding stages, this is just a transition time for all 4 teams which is unfortunate but why the hell shouldnt a troy smith or sam bradford get a chance to right the ship at the end of the year and lead a competitive team in the postseason...because gruden said so?

          i dont know when gruden gained all this momentum as the hottest coaching choice on the market, he was fired a few years ago because he drove a team into the ground and ******* sucked. everything he says now pisses me off

          All of this.

          Gruden is a ******* moron. I hear a bunch of people on here say he is a good announcer but when i really listen to the dude my only thought is: you were a head coach in this league only a few years ago, and this is ALL the insite you have? are you serious? why did any man follow your lead onto the field?

          and btw: This isnt his idea.
          Bill Simmons wrote this a while back (same thing Broth posted): if the top team in a division is a sub 500 team, their spot just becomes another wildcard.
          Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
          Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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            The league took a step in the right direction when they changed draft seeding to go based off of playoff record first, then regular season record.

            The next step should be to take away automatic home playoff games for division winners. Not sure what the specifics should be. I don't think it should be strictly based on record. A 10-6 division winner in a tough division vs. 11-5 division runner up in a weak division is one situation where it would make sense to give the home playoff game to the team with fewer wins.

            How about this: by default, division winners get a home playoff game unless they do not have a winning record. If there is no winning record (9-7 or better) the seeding goes strictly by record, but a division runner up must have at least 2 more wins than a division winner to earn a home playoff game.

            Imagine if the Pats and Jets were to go 14-2 and 13-3 respectively, but the AFC South winner only has 8 wins. Should a 13-3 team really have to travel to play an 8-8 team in the playoffs?


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              Originally posted by Basileus777 View Post
              They should keep the automatic playoff spot for division winners, just seed the teams by their record and it won't be a problem.
              This works for me.

              Originally posted by bam bam View Post
              if you dont want bad teams winning divisions then just have two divisions: Afc and NFC and rank according to record. Thats the only way around the current system, which usually works pretty well.
              Agreed. You either earn a playoff spot for winning the division, or you don't. Can't have a "sometimes you do, sometimes you don't" plan.

              If the argument here is "We want the best six teams in the playoffs," then remove automatic births for division winners completely and just going by W/L record and conference W/L record.

              I doubt too many people favor that though, since it removes a lot of the intrigue from divisional rivalries.


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                Originally posted by unself View Post
                How do you think the 2008 Patriots felt?
                It felt terrible, but still, that's the way it works. No right to complain, if we wanted in we should have won the division.

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                  I like the idea of seeding based on record.

                  Originally posted by FuzzyGopher View Post
                  They should rely on a combination of polls and computer selection methods to determine relative team rankings, and to narrow the field to two teams to play in the Super Bowl.
                  Originally posted by FuzzyGopher View Post
                  I'm not. They could call it the Super Bowl Championship Series. It would be based on a complicated mathematical formula, so there is no way anything could go wrong.
                  This is the answer for sure. Then we could sit back and lol when Bill Polian sees his Colts miss the playoffs despite winning the division. He would freak out and go on a super ***, bow-tie wearing rant about the other divisions being the equivalent of the "Sisters of the Poor."


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                    Originally posted by yodapoop View Post
                    Maybe on giving them a home game in the playoffs. But no playoff spot at all: I don't think so.
                    I agree with this, I think home field in the divisional round should be based off record, not winning a division, akin to the NBA.


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                      If it was up to Goodell, he'd probably just have a hearing in which a team of lawyers representing each team argue until an independently contracted arbitrator decides which team is champion.

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                        it's tough with divisions with only 4 teams. crap like this is gonna happen.

                        I semi-agree that winning a division is rewarded too heavily by the NFL...I'd agree to seeding based only on record. but, division winners just have to make the playoffs. it's part of sports.

                        I think expanding the playoffs to 8 teams is way more logical than not giving a division winner a playoff spot. ...and i'm not saying i'm in favor of expansion either.

                        i just hope to god this doesn't turn into a real debate. All sports fans need is for college football to hear this and claim it's an argument against a playoff system for college football.


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                          I don't think a 7-9 is going to end up winning the NFC West this year. But I completely agree, if a team has a losing record they don't belong in the playoffs despite winning their divison.


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                            Reseeding based on records sounds good to me. Whoever finishes as the higher WC team is basically getting a bye. Normally teams don't care whether they're the 5 or 6 WC seed, but this year in the NFC they'll play down the stretch to get the 5 if need be.


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                              Fans of NFC west teams against it...

                              Fans of non NFC west teams for it...

                              Could someone please direct me to where i can remain completely unsurprised.


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                                Originally posted by McBain View Post
                                Fans of NFC west teams against it...

                                Fans of non NFC west teams for it...

                                Could someone please direct me to where i can remain completely unsurprised.
                                Well, I know it does look that way. But even if the Rams were in the Bucs situation and the Bucs were in ours or whatever it maybe, I still say the division winners should get in. I don't think they should have a home game. But I'd say the same thing if it was another division. U just have to believe me. I mean, I have no problem with say a 9-7 or 8-8 Colts or Jags team making it in over a team thats 10-6 from another division in the AFC. Its just how it is.



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