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So Derek Anderson lost it...

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  • So Derek Anderson lost it...

    Didn't see it posted already, sorry if it was...

    Kind of funny, he clearly was laughing on the sideline and instead of saying why he just loses the plot and goes off...

    If he had half as much passion on the field they might have gotten close!

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    When ever a reporter says they "don't mean this to be pointed", that's usually BS. Anderson all but said it was a private issue - leave it alone. It's not like they had him on tape giving "hot-legs" and pulling gags all game. The man is entitled to a private conversation.

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      All I could think when I saw this is that DA watched the Ed Reed pump up speech a bunch of times before the game.


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        As CJ said, he certainly did mean to be pointed. For all we know he was just trying to keep Derek's spirits up, we have no idea what they were talking about; that question came across, to me, as if the person asking was a fan who was upset about the loss who happened to also be a reporter.

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          When you're down 18, there is no "come on guys" speech you can give to get those points just made up. As much as people don't want to hear it, it's time to sit on the sidelines and laugh a bit.
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            What a DBag reporter, I'm glad Anderson went off on him. As was said, it was a private conversation, and Anderson said it as well. Leave it alone after that.

            Originally posted by BeansDooma
            who retires first: brett favre or aaron rodgers?


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              i gained tons of respect for DA.


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                I'm a pretty good lip reader. Here's the transcript:

                Lutui: "Man! You suck so hard. I can't believe that you're STILL a starting QB in the NFL. Even I could toss jump balls to Larry Fitzgerald and accumulate some stats."

                Horse Balls: "HAHAHA! I know, dude. Jeff Garcia is still waiting to be signed away from the UFL, but here I am!"


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                  Jeff Garcia? Really? The Cardinals need a long term answer at QB, not a guy who might help them win one more game, making them pick a little later in the first round. The Cardinals should have had a better solution at QB if they knew for a long time they didn't like Leinart.


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                    Derek Anderson smiles a lot for someone who never finds anything funny apparently.

                    BTW, Garcia wasn't too great in the UFL...then again the OL quality will never be great in that league as they keep picking off NFL cast-offs so it's literally a scrapbook of players on it. No gelling as a unit or anything. Still, he didn't wow me when I saw (nearly every game on the website).
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                      Joke between team mates. I've cracked one when being blown out before. Lightens the mood, helps sometimes. You gotta love TV cameras and their ability to make something out of absolutely nothing. Anderson had every right to go off on that guy, considering he did not drop it after he asked the first time.

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                        Good job DA. What a douche reporter. Who cares if they cracked a joke? Big deal.

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                        His soft D really turns me off
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                          I dont get all the Anderson love.

                          He was clearly laughing on the sideline during a game where he looked like absolute ****.

                          Yeah the reporter was an *** and wouldnt drop it, and its nice to see someone in the media get shat on when they do this stuff all the time, rewording the question and being pushy arrogant busy body ***holes. He shoulda let it go but it was still a valid question that DA basically had no answer for but in the end his answer wouldnt have mattered.

                          Youre a man in a competitive game: you dont laugh when you lose. You laugh if every pass you throw is getting tipped at the line or is getting picked by crazy bounces cause you know its just one of those days. But when your just straight up sucking for yet another game where youre play is costing your team, you dont laugh, thats not what men do.

                          But Anderson sucked uncontrollably the whole game and then was LAUGHING on the sideline?

                          'i put my heart and soul into this'
                          haha yeah obviously not considering you were able to laugh during a game where you cost your team a chance to even hang in there, and considering youve made no improvements to your game since you became a pro. Stares down targets, misses guys horribly, no pocket prescense, and cant really read a defense still. But im sure thats because he works so hard.

                          They both came out looking like ***holes.
                          Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
                          Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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                            The bigger point is that both Derek Anderson and the Cardinals are terrible.

                            I'm not saying that to be glib. That's all that matters. If he was upset when they were terrible, they would still be terrible.

                            Derek Anderson has made his money and can now go back to being a backup if he's lucky. His fifteen minutes are often.

                            At least he didn't say he was forty.

                            Nobody cares about your stupid fantasy team.


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                              I think he was laughing at Arizona because they got rid of Leinart for him. Seriously, would Matt be this bad? I doubt it.
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                              I could also go on a rant about how Uncle Joe from Willky Wonka is a major dick.



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