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I don't hate Tim Tebow anymore

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    Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf) View Post
    And I want to **** Meagan Fox. Neither are happening any time soon.


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      One time I watched a game and the Announcers said Brett Favre 20 times before the game even started.
      Then if you were playing with universal drinking rules you should be very drunk. Any commentator slobberjocking on Brett Favre is a drink.

      but yes, i think the idea is that three years for tebow was the expected timeframe to fix the structural issues (as many people expected it to take a similar amount of time to fix vince as a passer).
      I think this is a big point. That was the view on Vince and by playing him early they have basically made no progress on his mechanics. By playing him they have sort of forced him to fall into his old ways instead of being able to consistently practice and condition his body to the new mechanics.

      Also... just noticed that CC has me as a sig quote! Totally honoured by that!

      Props to BK on the sig!



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