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Who's the most valuable front 7 defender in the NFL?

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    Can't go wrong with any of


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      As somebody who has actually watched Jonathan Babineaux, I can confirm that he has been the best 4-3 DT in football this year. So stop hating.

      Ngata is the correct answer to this thread though.


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        Originally posted by ChiFan24 View Post
        As somebody who has actually watched Jonathan Babineaux, I can confirm that he has been the best 4-3 DT in football this year. So stop hating.

        Ngata is the correct answer to this thread though.
        Babineaux is not a household name, so most won't agree with you. They need to be told be ESPN how good he is before they can agree. Plus, he's never been voted to a Pro Bowl, and we all know what a flawless measure of a player that is.


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          Since we're just spewing random names that probably shouldn't be in conversation... Jason Jones. Probably the best passrushing DT in the league right now.


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            accept he cant stay healthy to save his life.

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              Originally posted by TACKLE View Post
              I can understand wanting to see him in a 3-4, but lets not pretend like he has any runstopping responsibilities with the Colts.
              Except he wouldn't have to worry about gap control as much as a rushbacker. That and he wouldn't have to take on a LT and a Rb almost everyplay.


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                  Originally posted by senormysterioso View Post
                  I love love LOVE Raji, he's been huge for us. But to suggest that he'll ever touch Ngata is just wrong. Raji can do a lot of things, but he'll never be as athletic as Ngata is at a similar weight. He's a freak of nature.
                  I never said he is a smae freak of nature as he is. Reaching a talent level and the same work of body is different. Both can be at the same level, at different sizes.


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                    Raji will be a premier DT in this league, but I think it may not be as soon as next season. I think he can become a Pro Bowl caliber player by next year but I don't think he'll challenge the NFLs elite (Ngata) for a couple seasons. I've been impressed by the progress he's shown this year. He's close to making the next step and becoming a dominant force. Green Bay got a real good player in Raji.

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                      As an aside, I like doing the fantasy draft franchise on Madden, I ended up with the sickest front seven. My offense kind of sucked for a few seasons, but my defense shut everybody down.

                      DE- Haloti Ngata
                      DT- BJ Raji
                      DE- Ndamukong Suh
                      OLB- Clay Matthews
                      ILB- Rolando McClain
                      ILB- Jon Beason
                      OLB- Brian Orakpo

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                        Dumervil is a guy who exploded last year pre-injury and imo is a top 5 3-4 OLB
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                        Coples is that dude.
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                          Gotta go with the consensus; Ngata. He affects every aspect of D for the Ravens on every play, guys like Matthews and Ware are pretty one-dimensional overall; neither is really a good cover guy and neither are really that amazing against the run. James Harrison would be my #2, 'cuz his intimidation factor is sorta what Ray Lewis had in the day.. teams are terrified to come across the middle against the Steelers, plus he's a better cover guy than either Ware or Matthews and better against the run, if not quite as elite a pass-rusher.

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                            I'll take Ngata as well, guy is an absolute beast and perhaps more importantly, assuming a fantasy draft, he gives you complete flexibility to what scheme you will run.

                            If I know my scheme already I can see cases for Raji, Wilfork, Suh, Willis and Matthews as being as dominant or as prospectively dominant as Ngata but Ngata is giving me similar impact to all those guys regardless of the scheme I throw him in.

                            Reading this thread and thinking it over just makes me think even more how scary the Packers are... I actually hate being a Vikings fan knowing that in all reality when I assess the division that the Packers should be stomping all over us for the next 10 years... Some things in life aren't fair and the job they've done in the last 5 years assembling their team is one of them!

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                              Barry Cofield.


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                                Ngata and Suh are 1a and 1b in my book. Both are domination.
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