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Rolando McClain has f'ing ARTHRITIS

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    As messed up as it was, I couldn't help but laugh when I saw that play. And it was also funny to me how McClain couldn't care less about it. He was just like oh well, **** happens.

    As much as I've knocked him in this thread, I love that attitude. Youre a defender, you're supposed to be a little nasty.


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      Is it really "Roh LAN doh"? I have always pronounced it "Roh LAHN doh".


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        I think the impression of McClain in this thread is a bit off base. I think people have looked at him as a moderate successful (aka underwhelming) and consistent defender this year, but that's not really the right picture to paint. Most of the plays he's made this year have been quite impressive, but the number of them was pretty sparse early on. He looked a bit timid out there and was obviously overwhelmed (he's been wearing the green sticker since week 1), but as he's gotten more comfortable he's flowing to the ball really well. He's made some great tackles at or behind the LOS and he almost never misses wrapping his man up.

        He's not amazing sideline to sideline, but he actually has decent range and he accelerates into gaps well. How much more he improves is yet to be seen, but I don't think he's gotten close to as good as we'll see him down the road. He's lacking consistency, but he's getting more and more aggressive each week and has a great attitude out there. The improvement over a guy like Morrison (who could cover a bit better, but was washed out consistently in the run game) is huge.

        No matter how you feel about taking linebackers in the top 10, I think that against the his recent peers (Hawk, Sims, Rivers, Gholston, Curry) McClain is going to stack up extremely well.
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