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Favorite NFL Player not on your Favorite Team?

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  • Originally posted by Grizzlegom View Post
    ethan kilmer.
    Haha that's what I'm talking about.

    I also forgot Anquan Boldin, what a beast. A few of his TD catches have been just amazing.


    • Originally posted by holtfan92 View Post
      Sean Taylor :)

      Brian Moorman is one of my faves: he's fast, he can take a huge hit, I've met him, and most importantly he scratches his ass in camp!!!

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      • yea

        ^^ LT

        ^^adrian wilson

        ^^at least when hes not plaing the Bengals

        Originally posted by mythbusta
        i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
        who dey?


        • I know i already posted it, but i'll post my pictures.

          My favorite player not on the Titans, but i wish he was.

          The big play maker

          The legend and local home town product.

          I love watching this guy rin, hes a beast.

          Jay Cutler>Matt Leinart>>>>danman253
          XBL GT smitty js Go Vandy!!!!!!
          Chris Johnson son!!!!!!!!


          • torry holt

            and (later) most likely Brian Leonard(saved Rutgers)
            We ALL bleed scarlet
            New York Giants Super Bowl 46 Champs
            UNITED: I actually attend the college I root for
            Originally posted by PalmerToCJ
            BTW, if it's 3rd and 97... I'm throwing a screen pass to Brian Leonard and he will convert.


            • Frank Gore#21
              Antrell Rolle#21
              Willis Mcgahee#21

              All went to Miami and all number 21 like sean taylor cause the 21st letter of the alphabet is.....U
              RIP Sean Michael Taylor


              • Also i would like to add
                The bowling ball himself

                Damn i love watching this kid and i was i also one of the few that doubt him. Damn it sucks playing against him two times a season.


                One of the best Defensive linemen in the NFL right now.

                Jay Cutler>Matt Leinart>>>>danman253
                XBL GT smitty js Go Vandy!!!!!!
                Chris Johnson son!!!!!!!!


                • I'd have to add Adrian Wilson and, of course, Brett Favre

                  All of this is excluding former Bills like Henry and Winfield


                  • Originally posted by Young Nasty Man View Post
                    sounds like Keak!
                    I wish i was bestest friends with Drew

                    Originally posted by Scott Wright
                    Don't be a stranger. Jordyzzzz would want you to stick around. ;o)

                    Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy


                    • To add to my earlier selection:

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                      ILEMTPKC - I Love Eli Manning <The Patriots Killer> Club


                      • MJD, MB3, Greg Jones, terrence newman, larry johnson, andre johnson


                        • Mine is Randy Moss, but as a former Viking...... that's not really fair.

                          I'd have to go with Jeremy Shockey, Steven Jackson, Clinton Portis, Larry Fitzgerald, Laurence Maroney, Sean Taylor..... to name a few.
                          "Kenny Phillips has the body of Sean Taylor and the speed and knowledge of Ed Reed"

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                          RIP Sean Taylor
                          4/1/1983 - 11/27/2007


                          • This man


                            • LT
                              Ocho Cinco
                              Steve Smith
                              Julius Peppers
                              Randy Moss
                              Roy Williams (Lions)
                              Ed Reed
                              Sean Taylor

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                              • I would also like to add Bob Sanders to my list.

                                Thanks to jackalope



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