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    Originally posted by BeerBaron View Post
    If anything, I think Atlanta may have the favor of the Football Gods this year. A team winning in a traditional, balanced flashy players but just lots and lots of guys who just get it done.

    Being able to win close games is a signature of great teams, and they've done it plenty of times so far.

    So long as they stay the hell out of Pennsylvania....
    The mark of a great team is *not* the ability to win "close games" but rather the ability to blow bad teams out of the water.

    The Falcons are a mediocre team with a good record - nothing more than that. I'd be shocked if they don't go one-and-done in the playoffs or lose in the NFC championship game, at the very least.

    Here's a good article that illustrates why great teams blow bad teams out, and winning close games does not signify a championship-caliber team:


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      The Falcons beat the Saints because the Saints missed a field goal at the end. That has nothing to do with the Falcons being great. They were better then the Saints because the kicker is part of the team. It wasn't great play late on their part.



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