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The pieces are in place. (Meyer resigns, reunite him with Tebow?)

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    Originally posted by senormysterioso View Post
    They only work in college if he has a heisman candidate at QB for him too.


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      Originally posted by ElectricEye View Post
      He didn't have to teach Tebow to do that because in the college game the option works so well. Like wogitalia said, our running game is independent of the passing game.

      We've actually gotten away from some of the stuff we took from Florida, McDaniel's took that with him, but in 2007 we were doing a ton of that stuff. McDaniel's took Tebow with in the first partially because he could see him translating to his offense easier than others because of some of the similarities. No, there's no zone read or options, but wogitalia mentioned some of the things we did similarly. Sure we could have took those concepts from anyone, but come on dude. We went to Florida coaching clinics. We know that offense and we took things from it for sure.
      I actually think the NE offense now looks a lot more like the Florida offense than the true spread with McDaniels did. Everything about the passing game, from the route trees, the formation versatility, to the guys who can play multiple's very similar.

      In effect, Hernandez is basically playing the exact same position he was at Florida (TE/Slot WR), while Woodhead is playing the Harvin role. When you have two guys who can line up at four different positions, you don't even need to make substitutions and can come out with wildly different formations.


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        Originally posted by njx9
        i loved chris leak in college. i don't know why.
        To this day, I can't understand why Ohio State came out with such a conservative gameplan. Give Leak all day to throw, and he was money. If you blitzed or got any sort of pressure on him, he folded like a cheap suit.


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          Leak threw a pretty ball so I was always a fan as well. He had one of the nicer spirals in college that I've seen.

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            Originally posted by Giantsfan1080 View Post
            Schefter's already said it's not going to happen.
            And we all know he's the prophet of genius.

            It's possible but highly improbable that he will take the Denver or any other NFL job. Like someone posted in the other thread, he a case of coaching burnout & will probably he an announcer



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