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    Originally posted by soybean View Post
    what is this 1999? boyband?
    Eacantdraft was clearly born in yes!

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      Originally posted by njx9
      what relevance do you think the fact that you responded before niel has on anything? does that somehow make my comment less obviously sarcastic, or does it somehow justify your ridiculous response? i fail to see the bearing here. i also find it funny that you continue to try to push the "everyone hates you" ********, which is a verifiably untrue opinion.

      prove that, in either instance, it was aimed at getting a reaction.

      you're still the only moron who has decided that it was a completely serious response. no one whose opinion has any value has agreed with you. stop trying to state that that was the case as if it's somehow more factual every time you say it.

      it's called common sense. not that tough. failing that, you might have tried not screaming "troll" at the first opportunity. but yeah, i'm sure scott would kill to have a grade A troll as a mod. i'm sure ward would put up with it. i think we're getting back into common sense territory.

      the fact that you are incapable of distinguishing sarcasm and honest opinion does not mean the full burden of your inability to maybe, you know, look into it before posting a knee jerk response does not place the burden on me. no one put a bloody gun to your head and told you to reply before you had any idea what you were talking about. again, you're the guy who failed to see what every user after you was able to see. why should i have to cater to the lowest common denominator on this board? if you don't understand my posts, don't bloody reply to them.

      *yawn* someone else whining about the fact that i don't capitalize words. wow. the point was not my typos. the point was that you called me out (originally, YOU called ME out) for a lack of ability to use an english language you clearly have less than no mastery over. in your next post, you use terrible phrasing and sentence structure to convey ideas that could've and should've been expressed far more simply. let's not turn this into a conversation about english. your high school diploma and spell check will not hold up nearly as well as you think they will.

      your'e the one who brought up english and lack of ability to use it in the first place. jesus christ, do you just type things and then immediately forget what you said and what accusations you made? this is just not that difficult. but it's cool, in your next worthless response, i get to look forward to you blaming me for bringing up whether my dad could beat up yours. can't bloody wait. please god, if you can't keep up with me, at least try to keep up with yourself, or are you actually getting dumber by the minute?

      then expect to get called an idiot when you miss on a "gotcha".

      and given 98% of the rest of my posts on this board, the lack of reasoning may have been a slight indication to most users that that was not a serious comment. i guess that doesn't apply when you're dealing with a half-wit.

      because i would expect you to, you know, THINK about it before replying. if i wrote something about cutler and sarf responded with "he's worthless." i would know he was kidding. if random fan x with more than 5 posts on the board said the same thing, i would try to figure out where they were coming from first. it's just not that hard to "view all posts by..." and if you're too lazy to spend those 5 seconds, you probably shouldn't spend them posting a BS response.

      why would i respond in any way other than the way you did? why would i be concilliatory? the onus STILL isn't on me. and i haven't once said you had no right to post that garbage. but don't whine when i post back in a similar fashion.

      where, exactly, did i take offense? and this conflict was FAR from a knee jerk reaction.

      no, you people are looking for it. if i disagree, suddenly some moron feels it has to be a 45 page discussion. i, being the kind, generous person that i am, feel that you should be educated. some people take offense to being wrong and feel obligated to continue discussions long past where they were useful. *shrug* stop projecting your feelings onto me.

      two things in all of this seem clear:

      1) you've never read any of my posts, thus the final sentence is a complete lie you just made up because it seemed insightful and like it proved your point.

      2) you've read some of my posts and thus not believeing it was sarcasm makes this entire discussion even worse and clearly points a big index finger right at the common sense center of your brain.

      they are mutually exclusive and one of them must be true. which is it?
      how a troll got to be a mod is beyond me


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        Originally posted by njx9
        jesus christ. it was sarcasm you bloody idiot. i even said so in the post you quoted.

        in fact, if you had any flaming idea what you're talking about, it would've been clear that, last year at about this time, there were debates on this bloody board about whether vince should go in the top five, and how long it would take him to become a decent quarterback. some folks, who pretty much everyone else on this board wrote off, argued that he was a WR at best (some in comparison to the vick debates, but that's a different story you still wouldn't fathom). on the other hand, you're clearly going to be one of those users who follows me from thread to thread to "call me out" on things that i say. you might try, you know, reading the bloody post you're going to quote in the future to prevent yourself from looking like a 12 year old with a vendetta. get a life.
        LOL, I knew you would say that too. I almost went back and edited my post so you wouldnt be able to go on a tyrade about how Im stupid for not knowing it was sarcastic. But seriously, when your post only says he should be a WR how on earth is anyone supposed to know youre being sarcastic? And then when someone responds to a post that makes no sense, you immedietely resort to what you always do...belittlement, insults, etc...BTW, I wasnt on this board a year ago so I dont know anything about the argument that went on here a year ago.

        Honestly, you are in another argument here that will probably go 10 pages. Maybe you should step back and think the reason you always get into these is because youre an asshole? Has it occured to you? Im not following you around, dont flatter yourself. But if I read a post and you say some ******** stuff or are stuck in your little superiority complex, im gonna call you on it.


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          Originally posted by Addict View Post
          wow. Do you usually tend to "prove" you intellect through using very complicated phrases and words to say very basic and simple things?
          you dont get it...with NJX9, if you dont state and restate your point 10 different times in several different ways with perfect punctuation and spelling, he will make a post where he attacks every part of the argument you didnt cover and try to turn around your words and make you look like an idiot.


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            Originally posted by frogstomp View Post
            The word is hypocrites. The saying is "left and right", not "right and left."

            "Tables is turned on him" doesn't make sense, and neither does " a schoolgirl who does when a boyband is dissed."
            are you seriously correcting grammar on a message board?



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