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    Originally posted by yourfavestoner View Post
    All plays are drawn up to be successful. Seattle should fire everyone on offense besides Lynch, Williams, and Obamanu.
    Playcalling >>>> Execution

    That's one thing I've been taught by my fellow fan this season.


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      The 49ers are going to fire Singletary, the only question is- now or after next week's game?

      ST. LOUIS -- The drama and dysfunction reached new depths Sunday for the 49ers. And coach Mike Singletary will not return as head coach next season.
      The only question is whether Singletary will be fired before or after the team's season finale, according to a source close to the situation. The 49ers are 5-10 with one game to play.
      Owner John York, team president Jed York and executives Trent Baalke and Paraag Marathe were in discussions Sunday afternoon whether to fire Singletary immediately or wait until after the team's final game of the season, the source told Comcast SportsNet.

      Important note- Jed York stated that the team will look to hire a GM, and Jed and the GM will work on hiring a HC. Based on that, it seems like the big name candidates, eg Gruden or Harbaugh, probably aren't realistic as they are likely to be hired quick in the process.


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        Cowher will replace Coughlin.

        I think Marty Morninwheg is going to become the 49ers head coach. Mark my words.


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          Originally posted by Morton View Post
          I think Marty Morninwheg is going to become the 49ers head coach. Mark my words.
          Well, I hope the 49ers never win the coin toss in overtime.


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            I really hope Cowher and Gruden are hired this offseason, if only because I'm tired of their names being brought up every time someone's fired.
            "TELL MARTZ I SAID F*CK HIM!"


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              I don't understand the infatuation with Perry Fewell around the league.

              Here are my predictions (not too far out on a limb) for who will be fired either at the end of the year or before the year is finished:

              Norv Turner
              Gary Kubiak
              John Fox
              Mike Singletary
              Jeff Fisher
              Jack Del Rio
              Marvin Lewis

              Beastly sig by BoneKrusher

              Super Bowl XLIV Champions
              WHO DAT!


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                Singletary just got **** canned so you can add San Fran to the list of teams who need a coach.



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                  I wish we could put Tom Coughlin on these lists =/

                  Bone Krusher, the best


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                    Mike Singletary FIRED!!!!




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