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re-tread QB in 2011-15: Palmer, McNabb, or Young

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    I'd take Palmer. I don't watch many Bengals games, but I think he is a fresh start away from being a potential Pro Bowler again. He definitely has it in him, he just needs that fire to be re-lit.

    My guess is he is just tired of that team. Who could take 8 years of Ocho Cinco and not be drained.

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      All former top 10 draft picks interestingly enough.
      Very close voting here... the closest 3-way vote I've seen on here ever with 50 votes+.

      -McNabb's ability to lead a team into the playoffs?
      -Young's youth, plus scrambling ability and W-L record?
      -Palmer's old form was pure passing, former #1 pick, still might get it back?

      Maybe no Vick or Warner Rags-to-riches comeback here, but maybe there can be in the right situation. I think McNabb is a bit younger than Warner was when the Rams and then Giants spit him out, letting the brilliant Cardinals to scoop him up.
      Everybody had a chance or two at Vick.
      hell, everyone had a chance at Brees too.


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        Carson Palmer may have won some votes today!

        Playing without his two starting receivers, and loud mouths, Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco, Palmer finished with a career-best passer rating of 157.2, just shy of a perfect 158.3. He completed 16 of 21 for 269 yards without an interception.

        "That's the finest game that Carson has played here," said Marvin Lewis, who may have coached his final game in Cincinnati.


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          The T.Ocho show is probably the main reason for Palmer's poor performances, or at least I truly believe that.

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