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    Bradford > Ryan.
    Don't agree there though you could argue they were equal. Both had some noteworthy flaws coming out.

    Agree with the rest though, Stafford is the best QB prospect in quite a while so to say since Ryan is just weird because if you make it to Ryan you have several years before you get anyone close to Stafford.

    As for Clausen, he has thrown a few good passes but is in a horrible situation, which is kind of ironic because most thought he was actually in the best situation of the first 3 QBs this season, for whatever reason, most likely the lame duck coach, the team has given up, the blocking has been pathetic in both run and pass all year, the receivers have mailed it in since day dot, the defense is giving up leads and has been pretty ordinary as well.

    I liked Clausen as much as the other two prospects, which was more a case of three flawed prospects that I didn't fell good about than any statement for Clausen being good, but he has been in the worst situation out of those 3 and has looked the worst as a result.

    I have seen a few good NFL caliber throws in a few games but his deep ball has been shaky and his mechanics seem to be worse than his past couple of years at ND, mostly though he looks panicky back there, he hasn't had a lot of time in general, but he looks rushed even when the line does give him that rare time.

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      The one thing I have observed about him...regardless of EVERYTHING else like what he did in college etc. the guy throws a ******* horrible pass, like not nice in the slightest, his arm looks very weak.


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        Bradford's concerns (to me) were mostly "I have yet to see him do..." rather than actual flaws. That said, I am ignoring his medical concerns because if he checked out with a medical staff, I am going to listen to their opinion and not worry about it as a football issue.

        Andrew Luck is the best QB prospect since either Matthew Stafford (who I am leaning towards) or JaMarcus Russell.
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          Clausen actually throws with solid velocity and a nice spiral on short passes...his accuracy is just awful because of his footwork and inconsistent sidearm delivery. Where his weak arm really shows up is in his inability to throw anything downfield except the fade route where he just lofts the ball up in the air

          He has no confidence or pocket presence and just plays small in general. I do think he can improve as a player but I really don't see how he can be anything more than an average NFL QB (and the chance he gets there is slim as it is).

          It's easier than ever to pass in the NFL which is why you see so many rookie QBs have early success.

          It just seems like everywhere Clausen goes there's an endless amount of excuses about how much his team sucks and that's why he loses. How about he just win in spite of that for once? But naw, once the Panthers actually get a good QB and start winning again I'm sure Miaoww will be back here talking about how Clausen is more valuable because of the cost efficiency ratio of their contracts (LMAO @ that argument on Bradford)


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            Originally posted by bored of education View Post
            He sucked as a prospect. Nothing has changed.
            Every person in the media loved Clausen as a prospect. No one expected him to leave the top 15. His season was very good and he played thorugh injury to get his 28 touchdowns. The intangibles is what took Clausenen down. Im sure his interviews didn't go to well and his intangibles were questioned.

            In fact I see a lot similarity's between Clausen and Luck. They both have just average arm strength and do seem to check down a lot with short passes allowing there receivers to gain the bulk of the yardage.

            As a Bills fan I know the most important trait in a quarterback needed for the AFC east is arm strength. I just don't see the upside in having a Mark Sanchez 2.0 on the Bills with Luck.

            That is why to me drafting Newton or Locker to groom under Fitzpatrick is the best scenario for the Bills in this draft.


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              I'll admit I was one of those morons. Shame on me.
              (To clarrify: We who thought he'd be better are now the morons)
              I hope he's just one of those guys that needs to sit and watch for a year or two before starting.
              but yea, I was way off as of today
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                ...and some people here were comparing him to Aaron Rodgers....


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                  I liked him in the draft, Scott definitely swayed me. I don't want to be blinded by hindsight bias so I'll just avoid saying who I liked better, but I did definitely feel both Bradford and Clausen were worthy of first round picks specifically top 15/top 20. Clausen has looked terrible, but who knows he might improve next year once he gets a better feel for the game. You never know, we could have a similar situation to Rivers and Brees if the Panthers go Luck. That's obviously best case scenario for Clausen, that or the Panthers stick with him as their guy.

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                    Originally posted by JPP90 View Post
                    Not big enough or strong enough, and his teammates don't respect him. Steve Smith insulting him in the media a couple weeks ago tells you all you need to know. If he had any redeeming qualities whatsoever, his teammates would have his back.
                    Cant really judge what his team feels about him based on what Smith says..Smith hates anyone that does not get him the ball.


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                      Originally posted by scpanther22 View Post
                      Cant really judge what his team feels about him based on what Smith says..Smith hates anyone that does not get him the ball.
                      Smith had a couple pretty bad drops monday night also.


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                        Originally posted by njx9
                        except for the small subset of this board who saw clausen for what he was, instead of drooling over a pretty, notre dame qb. but then, we were all ******* morons (to clarify, those of us who thought he was terrible were *called* morons, among other things).
                        Eh, i didnt drool over him because of being an ND qb. I liked him for his ball placement, timing, and ability to come through and lead the team late in the game. Not that it matters since hes suckin something else this year. Im a little worried though because going back and watching just highlights of him a bit ago, you can see he has happy feet at the slightest sign of pressure getting through. So thats not new, thats just a problem that he either needs to fix (grow some balls and take a hit) or you're all very right and he sucks.

                        I dont think its time to give up on him yet but i think if they can get luck they take him and trade clausen for a conditional pick in the next year or something. Carolina to me is the worst place for a qb to be developing right now because the owner is determined to cut costs and wont spend on coaches or anything to help him develop.
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                        Originally posted by Thumper/JBCX/Bixby
                        Orton will never be in the same class as the Drew Brees or the Peyton Mannings or the Tom Bradys of the world. Kevin Kolb has the potential to be that kind of player.


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                          Originally posted by njx9
                          except for the small subset of this board who saw clausen for what he was, instead of drooling over a pretty, notre dame qb. but then, we were all ******* morons (to clarify, those of us who thought he was terrible were *called* morons, among other things).
                          To be fair, what he did at Notre Dame (as a QB), he seemingly can't do in the NFL. You don't typically expect that from a pro-style offense trained QB.
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                            i always thought he liked jimmy.

                            and i mean that as a double entendre.
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                              Total bust or not, you know if the guy didnt come from Norte Dame, we would not being talking about him as much. I dont remember this forum talking so much about John Beck, Pat White or Brian Brohm. All QBs taken in the 2nd round and turned out to be busts.
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                                just look at what the weis/patriot system has done for matt cassell this year. hell, throw kyle orton in there too with mcdaniels

                                if you watch notre dame highlights it's very difficult to see the problems unless youre looking for them. i went back and watched a couple full games and some highlights after the panthers drafted him and had trouble finding issue with him. the only thing that was really noticeable was the odd way he throws his deep ball

                                I've really only found one guy who basically called Clausen for what he is before the draft while explaining his flaws out perfectly without drawing the majority of his argument from the "intangible" knock (which I cant in good faith deny either, for what it's worth). Dude's name is Rob Staton. Not sure if I can link his website with the rules here tho
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