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Michael Vick - The Greatest Comeback of All Time?

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  • Originally posted by SickwithIt1010 View Post
    This right here makes me think that you've never played football. Practice is nothing like a game, he can go through a million practices and its not going to compare to the speed and atmosphere of a game, especially after sitting out playing as little as he did last year. He got to practice for a year, whoopty ******* doo, the fact that he played as well as he did so quickly is ridiculous.
    Except that I have, not that it has any relevance to subject at hand.

    And I'm sure because you played high school football it's comparable to what practice is like at an NFL level. Training camp and practice holds huge value in all professional sports, and it's how most coaches decide if a player is ready or not.

    It's more than just practice too. Vick had plenty of time to run, lift weights, read the playbook, and prepare himself for the NFL. Not to mention he decided to stop being lazy and actually find some work ethic by his own admission. My guess is his new found work ethic had more to do with his success than anything else.

    I'm not saying what he's done isn't very impressive, but compared to somebody coming off a serious injury who has to not only battle time off from the injury but the pain, setbacks, and limitations that come from an injury are just as difficult, if not more so than not playing football for 18 months.
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    • Originally posted by prock View Post
      Hmmm, I didn't know that Mike Vick murder dogs for fun. This is a pretty ignorant comparison. Be quiet.
      This is pretty awful too. First, I imagine the Hitler comparison was at least somewhat tongue in cheek. Second, your assessment of Hitler and Vick are pretty off base. Hitler had a purpose (albeit unconscionable) in killing, it's a big misguided to suggest that he did it for the fun. Vick also had a purpose; obviously he enjoyed the spectacle of dog-fighting while running a business. So, like Hitler, you certainly can't take "fun" out of the equation entirely, it's a little too charitable.



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