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Champ Bailey considered one of the best, Still?

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    Originally posted by Stranger View Post

    Posted mainly for the sexiness of outjumping megatron.
    They are clearly not at the same point in their jump. However he still looks like he's 4 feet off the ground which is ******* crazy.


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      Champ is still a good, sometimes very god CB but he hasn't been one of the best for a few years now, depending on your definition.

      Originally posted by Scott Wright
      Terrellezzzzzzzz Pryorzzzzzzzz!
      Originally posted by njx9
      do i tell you when to flip the burger?


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        Top 5 corner still.
        He's doing all this with a terrible pass rush/no pressure, so keep that in mind.


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          Originally posted by RaiderNation View Post
          Nnamdi> your teams CB
          I agree with that as well.


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            Originally posted by Nalej View Post
            and bc he has 6 picks, is our #1 corner and is playing like a shutdown corner?
            Teams are starting to stay away from him now already.

            You mean B.Meriweather made it off of some ********.
            He's been terrible this year and I'll admit it.
            You're wrong on McCourty though

            McCourty > Haden
            Please bare in mind QB's playing the Browns have 6 minutes to throw.

            Have it your way, with BK (BoneKrusher)


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              I would echo njx's sentiment that Bailey is just "good" now. He's still better than many of the CBs out there, and he flashed his former ability while covering Dwayne Bowe. However, Bailey just can't be counted on to lock down every #1 receiver.

              Oldie but a goodie.


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                Originally posted by DBNYDP View Post
                He's doing all this with a terrible pass rush/no pressure, so keep that in mind.
                No CB in existence can lock down starting quality NFL WRs all game if there is no pressure on the QB. Very difficult to judge Champ off this year because of the complete non-existence of a pass rush, but to me he still looks very good when he is in man coverage.


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                  I think he could revive his career if goes to a team with a good pass-rush.

                  Not to say his career's in a dump at the moment, because dude has been nothing short of amazing this year all things considered.


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                    Originally posted by fenikz View Post
                    certainly not top tier anymore, maybe not even top 10, Aso, Revis, Joesph, Hall, DRC, Flowers, Haden, Woodson

                    maybe 9th?
                    Tramon Williams is better than Charles Woodson!!! I am doing every thing I can do get this into public knowledge. Woodson doesn't even cover half the time anymore. He usually lines up in the box and blitzes or plays the run like a safety. Tramon and Sam Shields play the sidelines (who are both UDFAs, actually).

                    Thanks to BK for the sig



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