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    Originally posted by Draft King View Post
    Then the right decision was made. How can you call Ryan out, then not say anything about the 21 interceptions Brees threw.
    IMO that's a pretty underreported story this year. 21 INTs for a guy that last year was supposedly about to become 1c in the argument about best QBs is pretty bad. But the national media in general is ignoring the Saints this year.


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      Chad Greenway got robbed.


      Originally posted by JordanTaber's rocket surgery now, folks.


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        Originally posted by prock View Post
        Chad Greenway got robbed.
        He's clearly #4, but he didn't get robbed. No way you can leave out Matthews or Ware, and Briggs has been good as always. I don't think there'd be a problem flipping Greenway and Briggs, but it could go either way. Saying he got robbed is ridiculous.


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          The biggest snub -without question- is Jay Ratliff and Justin Smith making it as interior lineman and BJ Raji not. I can live with Matt Ryan over Rodgers, although I don't agree with it, the argument is there, and it's close. Jay Ratliff and not BJ Raji? How does that happen?

          Charles Woodson over Tramon Williams and Nick Collins over are 2 other snubs but Ratliff over Raji is the snub of snubs.
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            Originally posted by LizardState View Post
            Where is Tommy Kelly? Where is Cooper Carlisle? Both s/b there. You could also make an argument for McFadden here too, he had a breakout yr. compared to previous ones.
            Cooper Carlisle is arguably the worst starter on offense.
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              Earl Thomas is the only one I know of for Seattle.

              Chris Clemons, Leon Washington (should have been a starter) and Jon Ryan are some other possibles.
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                Originally posted by Razor View Post
                Pat Chung: 94 tackles, 3 INTs (1 TD), 2 blocked punts (1 TD)
                Rob Gronkowski: 35 receptions, 444 yards, 9 TDs, great blocker
                BenJarvus Green-Ellis (928 yds, 12 TDs) should have gotten some consideration as well.


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                  Kyle Williams will be (unfortunately just) a first alternate.

                  I'd have to think Stevie Johnson would be the only other guy possibly getting consideration, though there's always the possibility that Fitzy might be able to Garrard his way into it.



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