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What team had the Best Rookie class this year?

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    Yeah, I would put the Pats @ 1 after reading about them more. No doubt.

    "I don't do Pro Days, we send our scouts to those. I would rather spend my time watching film. The eye in the sky never lies. Functional Strength and athletic ability are the first things we look for in a college prospect." - Mark Dominik, Buccaneers GM


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      Seahawks got

      Starting LT Russell Okung
      Starting FS Earl Thomas
      Nickel CB Walter Thurmond III
      Rotational DE/LB Dexter Davis
      Special teamer with a bright future S Kam Chancellor
      Stupid Golden Tate
      Jameson Konz doing amazing stuff next year

      and Leon Washington

      Not bad at all...
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        Originally posted by Da-Phins View Post
        While I was reading and eating a goddamn snack Ive grown to realize you guys just cant take your homer glasses off for one thread. The thread isnt asking how is your rookie class this year, the dude was asking who has the best. You silly humans.

        Hate to say it but the Pats have the best draft class. They got studs everywhere. Damn them to hell.
        It's, more or less, team insight. Most fans don't watch every game by every team and don't know **** when it comes to everyone's rookies. Also making their case I guess.

        Patriots always doing so well... god damnit, god damn all of them to the abyss (New Jersey).


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          Originally posted by HinesWardJr View Post
          Maurkice Pouncey- Pro Bowl player in his rookie season. Already a top 5 center in the NFL IMO. Will only get better.

          Possibly the most overrated rookie this season.


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            The Vikings had a pretty ******* terrible draft. Chris Cook and Toby Gerhart isn't a good start. Everson Griffin and Chris Degrere have shown promise. Joe Webb has also shown promise, which is unfortunate. No one else worth mentioning.


            Originally posted by JordanTaber
  's rocket surgery now, folks.


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              I'd put the Patriots at #1, but the Bucs can't be far behind.

              The Bucs are the first team in NFL history to start 10 rookies and finish the season with a winning record. They're also very close to becoming the first team in 40-something years to have a both a rookie receiver and a rookie running back break the 1000 yard mark at their positions (Blount and Williams).


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                Originally posted by LonghornsLegend View Post
                And the difference would be what?
                Him as a Bucs fan being able to include LeGarrette Blount, despite not drafting him or signing him in the initial UDFA process. ;)

                I'd say Patriots, since their rookie class basically helped them cement themselves as the best team in the NFL. But immediate impact doesn't necessarily imply them having the best. A few teams will be reaping their benefits in a few years. But usually you have the immediate impact guys on bad teams, but in New England's case, it's a Super Bowl contender.
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                Damn Ke$ha is sexy.


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                  This Patriots class reminds me of the 2007 Giants rookie class where most of the players made a big contribution to our Super Bowl run. Aaron Ross, Steve Smith, Jay Alford, Kevin Boss, Michael Johnson, and Ahmad Bradshaw all helped us that year but even more so in the playoffs.

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                    The last 3 Pats drafts have just been incredible... If they do it again this year, that will just be ridiculous. Plus they get their best DE back and the guy who used to be their best CB back to start 2011... And they're really not losing much even if they don't re-sign any of their free agents. Mankins is the only one I'd care about losing.


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                      Originally posted by Monomach View Post

                      Possibly the most overrated rookie this season.
                      I've also linked this one, and I totally agree. He is a really good center, and will probably develop into one of the best in the league, but he isn't there yet.
                      "Not only is Polamalu the best player in the AFC North, but I feel he's the best defensive player in the entire NFL. No defender in the league combines world-class athleticism, smarts, fundamentals, natural football instincts and the knack for big plays better than Polamalu."


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                        This is all, the rest is just detail.....


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                          Kansas City:

                          Eric Berry
                          Dexter McCluster

                          Tony Moeaki
                          Javier Arenas
                          Kendrick Lewis
                          Awesome increase to team speed with those in bold. It's all about the young fresh legs with impact rookies in the PR/KR games & secondary.


                          Mike Williams
                          Arrelious Benn
                          Gerald McCoy
                          Cody Grimm
                          LaGarette Blount? He's the horse they're riding back to respectability.

                          New England:

                          Aaron Hernandez
                          Rob Gronkowski
                          Zoltan Mesko
                          Jermaine Cunningham
                          Brandon Spikes
                          Devin McCourty
                          Dane Fletcher
                          And Bellichik controls the early rds. of the next draft, what else is new? 2 1st rd. picks ..... again. McCourty posted that killer 40 time at the Combine & skyrocketed up the draft boards.


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                            It's also interesting to note that the Buccaneers starter at LG for the last 14 or so games Ted Larsen, was actually part of the Pats 2010 rookie draft class. I guess they just didn't have the room for another great rookie pick!


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                              I was looking forward to Larsen. He just didn't' make it to the practice squad like they thought he would, which is unfortunate.


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                                The Rams got their Franchise QB in rd 1 and their franchise LT in rd 2. End of thread.



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