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    Originally posted by MattyFos View Post
    Did the Packers have a lot of injuries or something?
    Mainly just a ton of finger blisters.


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      Originally posted by abaddon41_80 View Post
      Mathis isn't that bad, he at least looks good compared to Cox.
      Derek Cox is a better CB. At least right now. I don't know what happened early this season, but since he got "reinstated" against Buffalo, he's been playing great.


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        Originally posted by Unbiased View Post
        Derek Cox is a better CB. At least right now. I don't know what happened early this season, but since he got "reinstated" against Buffalo, he's been playing great.
        I have noticed him playing better lately but that is only the last couple of games. Cox was very bad in all the Jaguar games I watched, all of them, until about a month ago. Even since then I still think Rashean has been slightly better.


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          Donald Lee.

          Now, Donald Lee is no stranger to sucking. He's been dropping passes in the endzone and developing 0 chemistry with QBs for half a decade now.

          But, in 2010, he took is suck to a new level. Against Washington, he caught a key pass in, what was a fairly promising drive into Redskins territory. The fact that he caught a pass was noteworthy in itself. But, being that he is Donald Lee, and is no longer satisfied with just being worthless, he decided he needed to not only suck himself, but create a vortex of suck around him. On the above mentioned pass, he fumbled at the first sign of contact. In the ensuing scramble for the ball, rising star Jermichel Finley tore his meniscus and was later placed on IR.

          So, in addition to sucking, Donald Lee's suckiness directly took out one of the Packer's biggest offensive weapons.

          Of course, Donald Lee got the TE job by default, and his stats will tell the rest of the story.


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            Im gonna try to do all the teams in my division since it's pretty impossible to name 1 guy as the undisputed LVP of the league.

            Giants: Matt Dodge
            Eagles: Ellis Hobbs
            Dallas: Mike Jenkins
            Washington: Albert Haynesworth

            Now I know a lot of Cowboy fans want to say Allan Ball or Roy Williams, but hear me out on this. We all knew going into the season that those 2 were mediocre at best. Mike Jenkins was supposed to be an All Pro CB this year. He's been one of the worst players in the division. He's been absolutely terrible.

            When one of your supposed aces plays like that, he does the most harm bc you expected him to hold it down. So that's why I say Mike Jenkins.


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              I vote for Tanard Jackson. He got suspended for a year and Cody Grimm, a 7th round rookie played so well (before he got hurt) than Jackson might actually have to win his starting job back once his suspension is lifted.


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                I nominate Ernie Sims of the Eagles.

                Worst starting OLB in the NFL, easily.

                Never has someone with so much physical talent done so little for his team.


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                  Haha you guys are idiots Joe McKnight is easily a top 5 RB he just hasn't gotten a chance. If he started 16 games he would have averaged over 2500 yards rushing, LVP in your face!!1!!!1!11

                  Originally posted by Scott Wright
                  I guarantee that if someone picks Cam Newton in the Top 5 they will regret it.


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                      Yeah Joe McKnight had over 150 yds of rushing today.....granted the Bills Run D is almost laughable but hey he got himself taken off the LVP award poll for the moment.

                      Now King Vernon Gholston......lone highlight was a pushout on special teams. Only Maybin(Who I swear didnt play today) could challenge king Vernon.


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                        Honestly as a Vikings fan it is almost pick what position you want the nominee at...

                        QB - Brett Favre - Todd Collins was a negative for one game, Brett Favre has been a negative since he distracted Allen, Hutch and Longwell's preseasons(notice all had their worst years in their careers) to try and get him to play, then proceeded to be an utterly unlikeable distraction for the whole season, when your stadium roof can collapse and not even be the main story of your team's season then you know you had some total douchebag really make a mess of the season.

                        OL - Bryant McKinnie - Beats out Ryan Cook because by playing more he did more damage to the team. About the only positive that he and Cook offered was that it was some kind of divine karmic device at work to watch those two let defenders smash the living crap out of Favre all year. Honestly, the highlight of the season was pretty much that at least those two being so incredibly awful lead to something enjoyable most of the time.

                        WR - Bernard Berrian - Honestly, has a guy ever had a monster year AFTER getting his contract and then proceeded to be absolutely awful from that point forward with no real reason as to why? He just became absolutely woeful out of nowhere and has maintained that level of awful for an extended period.

                        Secondary - Everyone but Winfield and Ced(while healthy)... honestly was there a worse defensive group in the league? We honestly had a who's who of guys that shouldn't be in the NFL, nevermind starting.

                        It was a long season but at least it is over now...

                        Props to BK on the sig!


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                          antwaan randle el


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                            Kareem Jackson is pretty bad.


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                              Madieu Williams.



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                                Moss caught a ball the other day, so suck on that world!
                                Still Team The Ke$ha!!!

                                Originally posted by MichaelJordanEberle (sabf)
                                Damn Ke$ha is sexy.



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