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  • Super Bowl Prediction

    We all made them before the season but since both my teams are (most likely - NYG) knocked out, I'd like to get another chance. Also, we actually know what these teams are after watching 16 games of them...

    *This is based on gut feelings. There may be some logic sprinkled in. It's really not that serious. I'm attempting to predict the future so arguing about the prediction is almost as stupid as making the dumb prediction in the first place.

    The Favorte: NE

    They are ******* dominant right now but Matt Flynn of all people exposed the could-be-weak-on-any-given-week D. Smart money deserves to be on them with TB and BB of course. I'm not smart. I'll instead guess the bounces don't go their way in one of their two AFC playoff matchups.

    Please Disperse, Nothing to see here: NFC W Winner

    If an inexperienced team had to go on the road they'd have a decent shot. Nope, STL or SEA will get the defending champs.

    Unfortunately Overvalued: PIT and BAL
    Don't trust either offense in a big spot and the BAL prevent defense mixed with bad secondary will be their downfall. First round will likely be @ RCA dome. PIT O hasn't scored on anyone but CAR in weeks.

    No Identity: ATL
    What are they good at? What is going to propel them to a Championship? To me they seem like a team that needs to play mistake-free, great team football for 60 minutes (clutch too) in order to win playoff games. They aren't dominant (only against terrible teams). Not betting on them getting all the bounces but having only to win two home games is a huge help. Not sold. Their offense hinges on a running game that hasn't really been all that great. Ryan's a nice young QB but fade with that Manning-Brady talk. He's not Rodgers yet. And you can beat their safeties and run on them if you want.

    Great Year, Not Super Yet: KC

    They'll lose @ NE or PIT if they don't in the first round to the NYJ. @ NE or PIT could be close. Love those coordinators.

    Weird Year, Not Super Again: NO
    They've got the team to do it but with no home games, they'll get picked off somewhere. And so will Brees - as he has this entire weird season. Won't duplicate last year's magic after stomping the NFCW winner.

    Foot Problems: NYJ
    Folk will miss big kicks @ KC. The Sanchez soph. slump was obvious but he's going to get better soon.

    +2200 odds to win the Super Bowl. Seriously? I'll take those odds all day. This has similarities to 2006 and I just think they'll get to NE this time around when NO ONE will give them a chance. The injuries are overblown. A healthy Addai will work wonders.

    The field sucks: PHI and CHI
    Both teams lose their speed advantages at home on their ****** fields and both will be at home for at least one playoff game. CHI is the ultimate pretender (please just look at the sched) so I'm not even going to explain that their demise will come with blown defenses against good WRs and lack of protection which will lead to mistakes by Cutler. I lean Philly after my NFC SB pick but... I think...

    go into Philly in round one and stifle Vick. Then they go to Atlanta and shock the Falcons. Then back to CHI where they DESTROY the Bears. This team has the best defense in football, a QB playing out of his mind, and has gone through the perfect amount of adversity, mixed with the confidence-building NE loss (Giants 2007) and surging at the right time (now) to pull off three straight road wins.

    Colts 35, Packers 30
    "I'm Ko Simpson!"

    - Ko Simpson

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    Packers over Colts was my preseason pick.

    Now I'd say Steelers over Saints.


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      The difference between this and the 2006 colts team is this years version doesn't have their emotional leader coming back like he did for the playoffs that season and their o.l. isn't nearly as good, they will be lucky to get past the first round...g.b. I could see but I don't trust that young defense in the playoffs.

      Baltimore 24
      Philly 20

      Can't believe I'm saying this but the ravens defense is actually being underated and I think vick gets red hot in the playoffs, just a feeling.


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        Of course someone had to come and be a homer in this thread.

        I will go with New Orleans over New England

        RIP themaninblack


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          I'm an orioles fan and one of these days when the team starts annually sucking I will devolve into a humble board member...but that time isn't now, the ravens are as good as anybody and built for the playoffs....we're the last team the pats wanna face, I can guarantee you that.
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            New England over New Orleans

            (I made this pick before NO won in ATL fwiw)

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              steelers v. packers
              Originally posted by njx9
              i mean, why wouldn't the broncos take cam newton? they can play him at quarterback WITH tebow!


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                Jay Cutler had a higher passer rating when the Bears were playing away from Soldier Field than he did at home, so I'm not sure where this myth about the Bears field helping them originated from.
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                  I don't think the Ravens have a bad secondary. The CB's have actually been very solid for the most part. But with the bad pass-rush, most CB's can't keep up with WR's for that long.

                  Right now the Pats are the odds on favorite. I think only Baltimore would have a legitimate shot at beating them though. (they have historically held the Pats offense in check. I still don't know why)
                  But like you said, I don't trust the Ravens offense enough to think they could outscore Tom Brady.


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                    Originally posted by no bare feet View Post
                    steelers v. packers
                    That was Sports Illustrated's Pre-season Super Bowl prediction.

                    But that was before the Steelers lost a few OL, and Polamalu got banged up a bit.


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                      Coming into the season I liked Houston V. Packers
                      "Houston, really?"
                      Yeah, I'm an idiot. I thought that offense with Schaub, Tate, and Optimus would be AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY enough to take them all the way. Remove Tate and add in my kinfolk Arian (He's black, I'm white. But seriously, us Foster's are all related) The offense was still good, but the D was pretty bad.

                      After the season I got Packers V. Brady and co.
                      The Packers aren't even in yet. But When they get it, Rodgers has too many tools in the passing game and too ball hawking of a D to lose...

                      -My prediction is destined to be wrong.

                      Shout out to kalbears13. Best DC sig'er EVER!!!

                      Originally posted by CameronCropper
                      I've seen my fair share of nasty porn in my days, things that are much worse than Rex Ryan's videos, but something about knowing that Rex is behind the camera makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable.


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                        Originally posted by CameronCropper View Post
                        Jay Cutler had a higher passer rating when the Bears were playing away from Soldier Field than he did at home, so I'm not sure where this myth about the Bears field helping them originated from.
                        Yep. That's what having all turf-style receivers and running the "greatest show on turf" offense will do for you.

                        When the debate went on before the season and the Bears decided to keep the grass, it was a huge mistake.

                        On a side note, we have turf-style defensive personnel, too.


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                          Baltimore vs. Green Bay. Sticking with who I had months ago.


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                            Round One
                            Green Bay over Philly, New Orleans over Rams, Colts over Jets, Ravens over Chiefs

                            Round Two
                            Atlanta over Green Bay, Chicago over New Orleans, Patriots over Ravens, Colts over Steelers

                            Chicago is actually better in a dome and Atlanta has looked iffy recently. Indianapolis should have beaten New England earlier this season. I think they do this time.

                            Super Bowl
                            Rematch of Super Bowl XLI. People are judging Jay Cutler on last year, constantly predicting he'll revert back to his turnover-prone ways. This year is different and the Bears have been hot lately. Bears 31 Colts 27

                            Originally posted by SolidGold
                            Originally posted by Monomach
                            Brilliant letting one of Scott Pioli's henchmen have his own team to ruin.  One of the premier GM jobs in the NFL and it gets handed to a stupid **** who makes three facepalm moves for every good one.  Awesome.  Just like handing a new Mercedes to a 16 year old girl who's already been in three wrecks. 


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                              Most would say NE would go in the AFC, but I still think Indy could sneek in there. In the NFC I still Phillys weekness has been exposed for them the last couple weeks. And it wouldnt surprise me if they lose to Dallas sunday since Vick isnt playing. So they would head into the playoffs pretty flat.

                              NE over Atlanta



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