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Jerod Mayo fined $10,000

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  • Jerod Mayo fined $10,000

    Apparently he doesn't know why.

    These fines are out of control. Seriously. I consider myself an offensive minded person, and like the protection of QBs, WRs, etc.

    But when a WR catches a ball, you goto tackle, and he is falling, and you make head to head contact, its inevitable.

    Whoever is judging these fines is a moron. If a hit can be viewed as clearly intentional head to head, IF it can, then fine them. Otherwise, stop guessing.
    Breed's QB Philosophy:
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    At the end of the day...

    Mobility > Accuracy

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    Those hits were hard as hell, but completely clean. We're starting to get to that point where we're seeing clean hits being discouraged for being to hard. Damn.

    R.I.P. Junior Seau


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      The NFL to be renamed the N2HTL. (National, 2 hand touch league)
      **** her in da *****!


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        Originally posted by descendency View Post
        The NFL to be renamed the N2HTL. (National, 2 hand touch league)
        Yeah...but we'd still watch it.


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          I hate what Goodell has done.

          If a WR wants to dance after every first down, if he wants to celebrate touchdowns and act like a diva, then he needs to pay the tax. And that tax comes in the form of getting laid out when he comes up the middle.

          When you take your licks, get up, and still dance, you get your props.

          But I'm tired of these WRs always complaining nowadays about a flag after the smallest contact, i'm tired of how they can't be touched anymore yet they act like it's a fair fight between them and the CB and talk all that trash, I hate how they show up the entire defense when the rules are designed for them to have an unfair advantage, and I hate how it's become a track meet on grass bc of these rule changes.

          Now you can't even hit a player. Then wtf is a defender supposed to do? As a LB, safety, and CB, you need to establish your territory. You need the right to establish your presence on the field.

          It's like basketball, you need the right to make sure the opposition knows there isn't going to be an easy buckets tonight.

          The NFL is making defense become an after thought. You can't hit them, you can't touch them, you can't do your job.

          Your job is to hit. Let these guys do their job. I'm sick of it. It's disgusting.

          Goodell is ruining football.



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