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Your teams best player for the #1 pick?

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    Peyton Manning for Calvin Johnson? I'll keep Peyton, thanks.

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      For all you Colts fans saying you won't trade Peyton:

      Just imagine the possibilities: Sorgi to Harrison, Sorgi to Wayne, Sorgi to Johnson.........

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        Originally posted by The Unseen View Post
        John Henderson for Calvin Johnson?

        No, although it's admittably tempting.
        What if it was Marcus Stroud for the 1st pick, would you do it???

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          Originally posted by Michigan View Post
          Shaun Rogers for the #1? Sure.

          Roy Williams for the #1? Sure.

          Ernie Sims for the #1? Sure.
          Damn!!! I would love to see Roy Williams or Rogers here in Nashville.

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            hell no clarence moore for ever. 6'6">6'5" all day

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              Originally posted by Larry View Post
              Calvin Johnson for Frank Gore, no thanks.

              umm yes please, we slot anyone in the backfield and they'd be productive (to some extent) and Alex has a new life partner

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                NO, I think I would keep Lee Evans considering the dude is a stud and no one in the draft has proven jack yet....If anyone is willing to give up their teams best player for # 1 then you shouldn't be a GM or your team really stinks


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                  I would give up winlsow or Braylon or Sean Jones or someone else to get #1 and #3. That way we could get AP and CJ or BQ. WE could fix alot of holes.
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                    Well... as a Jets fan, it's hard. We have no 1 big named top of the line player. Who is our best player? The young and talented (but still learning the 3-4) former defensive rookie of the year Jon Vilma? The should-be pro bowler and former All-Rookie team Safety Kerry Rhodes? The top 10 in the NFL over the past 3 years DE Shaun Ellis? The top 10 QB when healthy, but oft injured Chad Pennington? The recently traded for RB Thomas Jones? Last year's late 1st round pick Nick Mangold? Last year's early first round pick D'Brickashaw Ferguson, who is more talented than Nick Mangold, but was outperformed this year? The tenacious and speedy WR Laveranues Coles?

                    Depends on which one you'd choose. I'd keep D'Brick, Mangold, Vilma, and Ellis. The others I would trade.


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                      Originally posted by jetsfan3 View Post
                      If you traded Dansby for the #1 overall pick and drafted Calvin Johnson, you would have the sickest WR core ever.

                      Then you would have the #5 overall pick. Trade down with that pick to around #20 and draft Dwayne Jarrett and would pick up a lot of day one picks with that trade. You spend the rest of the picks on Oline and you would produce the most dominant offense ever.
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                        Drew Brees for the #1? Nah... Drews in his prime. Deuce for the #1? Sure.


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                          It'd be tough with the Seahawks. Factoring in that we could trade the pick, grab someone like Thomas, Branch, Adams, or even Landry, and have a multitude of other picks or players, that'd be very tough to pass up, especially with Walter slowly going on the decline. It'd scrap the Super Bowl hopes for the year most likely, but looking towards the future, I don't know.

                          As for the Jets, considering their best player is Vilma, I'd do it. I love the guy, but he realistically isn't the greatest fit for the 3-4 and with CJ there, I'd have to do it.
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                            I would say our best player is Morrison (maybe Burgess) and while he'd be a tough player to lose, it would be a no brainer to trade him for the #1 (or in our case #2 pick). We could always get Patrick Willis in a trade down but the likely scenario is we get Russell and CJ, which is a great foundation to set for an offense. That could be an incredible QB-WR combo.


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                              A punter for the first overall pick


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                                Ravens best player is prolly 1 of Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Chris McAlister, or Jonathan Ogden so lets go player by player

                                Jonathan Ogden....I'd trade him for Calvin Johnson
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