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Better Catch: Holmes' game winner in 08 vs. Tyree's helmet in 07

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    I think Holmes catch was better, but when you factor in the entire play with Eli avoiding the sack I think that is a more impressive play. But if were simply considering the catch, I'll take Holmes'.

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      The thing with Holmes' catch was that it was also a perfect throw. It was simply a great combination of skill on behalf of both players.

      With Tyree, it was Manning separating from the defender and Tyree managing to keep the ball off the ground. Definitely took some skill, but that was some unorthodox skill. And a bit of luck too.

      So Holmes' catch was a perfect corner-of-the-endzone catch. Tyree's catch was completely unpredictable, but amazing nonetheless.

      And I don't think it's legitimately possible to say one is more important than the other. Holmes' catch was for the win with less than a minute left with Pittsburgh trailing on 2nd down. Tyree's catch was for a first down with a bit over a minute left on 3rd down. There's no reason to legitimately say one was more important than the other. Both led to the same results, which was a victory for their respective teams.

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        Tyree Play was amazing, Manning breaking free and then to top it off Tyree helmet catch you never see something like that.

        Cris Carter has done Holmes catch all the time. Find me a catch like Tyree's.


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          Originally posted by scottyboy View Post
          well santonio never got that second foot in so really...


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            I still think Eli's escape was every bit as amazing as the catch at the end of it.

            I'd say Holmes is the better catch because it was textbook of how to do it, where as Tyree really did jag his but Tyree's was a better play.

            Ironically the throw to Holmes gets forgotten a lot because that throw was absolutely perfect.

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              Very hard, but i have to go with Tyree's helmet catch.

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                For me it's the David Tyree catch.


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                  I think it's funny that it was Tyree that made the Catch. On America's Game they said during the whole week of practice he was dropping everything thrown to him but in the biggest game he make a catch like that.


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                    Someone say Tyree?

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                      Holmes' catch, despite the fact that he never got his second foot down, is better since it didn't need about 47 holding calls to go uncalled for it to happen.


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                        I'm going to have to go with Greg Jennings scoring the winning TD in Super Bowl XLV for $100, Alex.



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