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    There aren't a ton of great trades in the NFL, but there are usually at least a few in the offseason. What trade do you think makes too much sense not to happen?

    For me, its Morris Claiborne for Nick Fairley. Detroit has too much invested at DT and not enough at CB. Dallas OTOH, desperately needs difference making(ideally young) DLs while man to man cover CBs aren't at a premium in that Marinelli, Tampa 2 based defense.

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    Claiborne has been a bust in Dallas. I can understand the Lions dealing Fairley but not for a backup CB.


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      Bust is way too harsh. He started to show his potential towards the end of his rookie year, and then they completely changed schemes(which is tough in itself on a young player) to one that didn't fit his strengths.

      Fairley has his own warts. He's been very up and down and his weight fluctuates a lot. He's still very impactful, but like Claiborne he has question marks to go with his talent. Claiborne has an extra year of team control left too, so that is a factor in his value.



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