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Backus signed to new six-year contract with Lions

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    Originally posted by moc182
    If Kevin Schaeffer can almost get that much, he's worth it.
    Most of Shaffer's he is going to have to play at a very very high level to get, meaning if he does get that much money, he deserves it. Also, it's structured to where we could dump him at anytime without a big cap hit.


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      Originally posted by Moses
      Originally posted by draftguru151
      But teams find a way to give guys more money, i.e. Washington.
      And how would they do that? The salary cap can't just be ignored.
      As Homer Simpson would say "The salary cap is a pants"


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        Way too much money for him.



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          Backus is an above average OT, but much more was expected from him... IMO too much money, but hey, thats professional sports

          Go Ravens!


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              I love the fact they extended his contract.

              I think they gave him 10 million too much. 6 yrs/30 million is justifiable and the kid is still getting paid. They can't get rid of their best OL, that still has 5 really good years in him, but Millen just disappoints time and time again.

              How do these ex-athletes have the resume for jobs like these? Same with Isiah Thomas and Michael Jordan.


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                only the lions..........

                Jay Cutler>Matt Leinart>>>>danman253
                XBL GT smitty js Go Vandy!!!!!!
                Chris Johnson son!!!!!!!!


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                  Backus is a solid LT, not good, but above average. Just because the Lions have had a bottom 5 OL for years, now doesn't mean everyone on the OL has been horrible. But I agree, it was too much money.


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                    Just thinking, if a guy like Rod Marinelli wasn't hired to give this team an attitude and a defense, the Lions would be screwed beyond belief.

                    Matt Millen is lucky that the Lions aren't in a division like the NFC South or East. It is amazing that the Lions have a prayer of winning their division since it is so bad.



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