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Aaron Rodger's Bad Pick

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    well I'll put it this way, what would I rather have
    rodgers with 2 years of training
    AJ Hawk

    Matt Leinart with 1 years of traing
    mike patterson

    My pediction, Matt turns out to be a wee bit better in the long run but AJ Hawk becomes the conerstone that farve was 10 years ago and mike patterson is just another good starter, I'd take the first one, plus Rodger will be way more ready by the time next year


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      Originally posted by Jonathan_VIlma
      The Rodgers pick was fine. Favre is screwing the Packers by staying.
      Favre returning does not hurt the Packers or Aaron Rodgers. him staying around helps the packers win this year, and they'll do better with Favre than with Rodgers. him staying around also helps Rodgers. the Packers will have to learn a new offence and another year will give rodgers more time to learn it.

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        post date this thread to 5 years time and we'll know the answer. Any QB this year - Vince, Matt or Cutler would be sitting behind Favre and if they grabbed Quinn next year he'd be atleast 1 year away from anything good. They made the right decision at the time.

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          Originally posted by Simms2Clayton
          Several scouts, including Scott, had Aaron Rodgers as the best QB in that class.

          Getting him where GB did was an absolute steal.
          yes, but I'm glad that we got JP Losman instead of anyone in that class. That doesnt say much good for that class


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            Originally posted by Staubach12
            Cutler would have been perfect to sit under Favre IMO.
            I think so too cutler and brett are somewhat similar, but rodgers was still a good pick i voted it was just a little bit too early 1 year early.

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