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    Well for the Seahawks, they're on the border between being about the same and improving a bit. There are several key positions that are declining due to age, yet certain positions (well, basically the defense in general) that are on the incline due to... well, age.
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      Originally posted by Simms2Clayton
      Originally posted by Hawks, Sox and Bears o my
      Originally posted by M.O.T.H.
      declining teams: Colts, Jacksonville, Patriots, Chiefs, Chargers, Bills, and maybe the Steelers.
      Bills declining
      You don't make as many defensive draft picks (all good ones, even though they reaches in 1st round) and get worse.

      All they need is a freaking QB. that is it.

      Okay, look at the players they lost, Erik Moulds, Sam Adams, Lawyer Milloy, and Mark Campbell. The players they replaced, they replaced with lesser quality players or rookies. I think when you look at what they lost (3 pro bowl caliber players) and what they added, they are actually on a slight decline from last year. For the future, yeah they will be improved but, from last year to this year they are a little worse. They lost a great deal of experience and in turn may be taking a step backward from last year to this year, when it comes to the 06-07 season.

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        Originally posted by ninerfan
        Originally posted by Maddog4977
        49ers are on the upswing and will make big strides in the next few season.
        Can we go down any further?
        3-13, 2-14, 1-15, or 0-16.

        My Rams aren't gonna feel sorry for u this year and give u two wins.


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          Bears: Improving a bit

          I know sounds crazy since they didnt add any offensive weapons but hear me out. It is their second year in the offensive system therefore making it more along the lines of a natural response instead of a thinking process. Grossman is coming back- again. Griese was added for depth. Bradley, and Currie return to health. The O-line is still in one piece, (although thin). The defense added depth on all three planes, (d-line, Lb, and secondary)

          A big loss was the D-Backs coach tho.
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          Whitney Mercilus will be a better and more productive player than Shea McClellin

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            Falcons improved alot this offseason on Paper. Hopefully they can take it on to the field.


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              It will be very hard for the Raiders to win less than 4 games. Shell is changing the mentality of the Raiders, so i'm going to say they'll improve.



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