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Future Hall Of Famer Calls It Quits

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  • Future Hall Of Famer Calls It Quits

    Marshall Faulk Retires

    im gonna miss him

    Yards : 12279
    Attemps : 2836
    Avg : 4.3
    Tds : 100

    Receptions : 767
    Yards : 6875
    Avg : 9.0
    Tds : 36

    15,000 Total Yards in his 1st 8 years
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    Ah, one of my all time favorites.


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      It's a shame to see him go out the way he did, I would have loved to see him give it one more go around.. But he was one of the best and one of my personal favourites. Good luck to him in the future.



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        The most important player on one of the best offenses the game has ever seen.


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          He is definintely a Hall of Famer. He's a hometown guy from New Orleans and I really like him. He's a character guy.

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            Its sad to see his career not ending on a high note, but football is football i guess.


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              Knew it was coming , but sad none the less....First Ballot HOF'er in my mind, i hope he makes it in first time....he deserves it, best all round RB EVER!


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                It's always sad when a great one gets injured and can't come back. Crappiest way to end a career... makes Tiki look brilliant.


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                  This comes as no surprise, but his career was incredible. I give him credit for trying to come back from all the knee issues. Faulk was a dynamic and incredible player, and he was also a class act. I'm glad he landed an important role on NFL Network, and I'm sure we'll be seeing him around quite a bit going forward.

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                    Wow, I'm an idiot, I didn't even know he was still in the leauge

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                      Originally posted by M1Koter View Post
                      Wow, I'm an idiot, I didn't even know he was still in the leauge
                      He was on IR all of last season.

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                        He is the definition of a REAL FOOTBALL PLAYER! One of my all time favs


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                          Not really a surprise, but I still wish I could see more of him playing. He's got a good thing with NFL Network so I wish him the best of luck there.
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                            Marshall's career from college to the NFL was something special. I used to really love watching him in college. He flat out dominated his competition. Somehow, even though he is a definite hall of famer, it still feels like he doesn't ge the credit he deserves as an all time elite running back.
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                              He's actually pretty good on TV.



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