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  • Grade your teams offseason

    How do you think your team has fared?



    Nate Clements, CB (Bills)

    Nate Clements got an "80 million" dollar contract. I get to see a lot of bills games but i never really zeroed in on clements until the latter part of this season. He played very well against talent like andre johnson and marvin harrison. That being said, according to numerous posters he has been very rocky over the past couple of years is a "on and off" type. So we will see with this signing.

    Michael Lewis, SS (Eagles)

    Michael Lewis played very bad last year but he did go to a pro bowl so hopefully he can regain that form. As well his contract is full of ungaraunteed roster bonuses only so there should be no cap hit if he plays terrible and is cut at any point of his contract.

    Aurbrayo Franklin, NT (Ravens)

    Truth be told i dont know a lot about this guy. But hes a true NT and thats something we needed. Hes the starter but he will likely be used in a rotation.

    Tully Banta-Cain, OLB (Patriots)

    I certainly hope there is some untapped talent in him. He was stuck in the dept chart behind willie mcciginest and rosevelt colvin, so its not like he had to beat out nobodies. Wasnt great in PT but he showed some pass rushing capabilities and hopefully he brings it to the bay.

    Ashley Lelie, WR (Falcons)

    I'm not a huge fan but he is pretty good at YPC and signed a very cheap deal. Hopefully he has a chip on his shoulder and can produce.

    Colby Bockwoldt, LB (Titans)

    I dont know anything about him. Was a 7th round pick from NO that got to start a few games so hopefully that bodes well for us. Main reason he came was because he knew our ST coach Al Everest from his playing days in New Orleans. Likely a ST ace but could be used in rotational packages.

    That was pretty much it for FA's. But there was a lot more that happened. The 49ers had to replace their OC (Norv Turner) DC (Billy Davis) and ST coach (Larry Mac Duff). They replaced OC Turner with Jim Hostler, Alex Smith's QB Coach. Definitely a downgrade and unproven. Greg Manusky replaced DC Davis. I really like manusky. He was the LB coach in San Diego and produced great LB play from the likes of merriman, edwards, phillips, and foley, who all blossomed under his coaching. Also, he was going to be a DC this offseason. Phillips wanted him in Dallas, and AJ Smith wanted him in San Diego. This tells me he was a rising star in the coaching ranks and im excited to see what he brings. I heard Everest had a pretty decent ST in New Orleans and helped Michael Lewis in returns there, so hopefully he brings it here as well.

    I like the additions the 49ers have made. Weve lost some players like TE Eric Johnson, but with davis johnson wasnt going to get a chance to start. I also really wanted adalius but he did not want to be in SF because it was in the west coast (read it in a peter king article) and he did not want to be away from his family in the east coast. So we did the best we could in the situation. We also lost Antonio Bryant but his off the field problems were just too big. I dont think he has even been contacted by any other teams and it isnt because of any talent issues. He would be on his 3rd team in 3 years if he signed with someone else, and 4th team overall in his young career.

    Overall i would grade it a B.

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    Frank Walker, CB
    Corner from the Giants comes over to compete for the nickle spot. I guess he stuggled in the nickle roll there, so I'm not too excited about him. I would rather see one of our drafted guys, Blackmon or Underwood, get that spot but we'll see. Not much invested in him and he's still young so not a bad pick up but we'll see.

    Yeah, that's it.


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      John Navarre-QB

      The greatest of the great, Navarre should be competing with future Hall of Famer Jim Sorgi for the great role as "backup to Manning" i.e. that guy.
      Is that a rash?

      Give JKPIGSKIN credit for this masterpiece


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        I like what the 9ers did. I give them an A.


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          Vinny Chircu
          Bobby Wade

          Uhh F maybe D-

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            Dwayne White
            Shaun McDonald
            TJ Duckett
            Edwin Mulitalo
            Zach Pillar
            Travis Fisher

            Dre Bry
            George Foster
            Tatum Bell

            This off-season gave us much better depth players then we had in previous seasons. Basically we sign FA's on whether or not they connections to our coaches. This is only half of the off-season but I would have to give the Lions an A- to B+ right now.


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              Lavar Aarington- understandable
              Carlos Emmons- glad to see him gone
              Luke Pettigout- I think this was a mistake...


              we traded Tim Carter for Rueben Droughns. good trade for us.

              and thats it.

              Overall i would say a C-. I like the trade, but I think we needed to get some free agents for depth. there were plenty of guys who got signed very cheaply who would have been great on the GEEEEE MEN


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                Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                Frank Walker, CB
                Corner from the Giants comes over to compete for the nickle spot. I guess he stuggled in the nickle roll there, so I'm not too excited about him. I would rather see one of our drafted guys, Blackmon or Underwood, get that spot but we'll see. Not much invested in him and he's still young so not a bad pick up but we'll see.

                Yeah, that's it.
                Might as well add Brett Favre returning, which pretty much puts us at an A.

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                  Until the draft comes, so far I have to give the Ravens a C-. They lost guys like A.D., Jamal Lewis, Aubrayo Franklin, Tony Pathos and the status of Jon Ogden is still undetermined. The only positives are the McGahee tradee, which I say they gave up too much, and re-signing Jarrett Johnson and Musa Smith. I think that come draft day things will be shaken up and we'll get a better view of what this season has in store but until that happens I give them the C-.

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                  Originally posted by Job
                  On another note, Nicklas Backstrom is amazingly good.
                  Meanwhile, in hockey the other night, the Washington Capitals' Eric Belanger gets hit with a stick, loses EIGHT teeth, has an instant root canal in the locker room, comes back out and PLAYS and never says boo.

                  So new rule, NBA: Unless you have a root canal at halftime, SHUT UP AND PLAY!


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                    Jake Plummer
                    Jeff Garcia, QB
                    Kevin Carter, DE/DT
                    Patrick Chukwurah, DE/LB
                    Luke Petitgout, LT
                    Cato June, OLB,
                    Sammy Davis, CB
                    Lance Legree, DT

                    The Buccaneers certainly brought in some interesting players with interesting signing bonuses. Whilst the pickups of guys like Carter on hefty deals might be frowned upon, the deal does not in fact have any bonuses what so ever. Petitgout himself is only receiving 3 million in guaretees.

                    With Petitgout you get yourself a solid starter at LT and a definite upgrade. Garcia/Plummer give the Bucs healthy competition going into TC which was a must. Carter and Chukwurah add some depth to the D-Line which was at times pitiful last year. And Cato June is a player who is an ideal fit for our defense and should thrive.

                    Overall Grade: A-


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                      QB Josh Booty (LSU)
                      RB Dominic Rhodes (Colts)
                      FB Justin Griffith (Falcons)
                      TE Tony Stewart (Bengals)
                      OL/TE Fred Wakefield (Cardinals)
                      C Jeremy Newberry (49ers)
                      LB Charlton Keith (Browns)
                      DB B.J Ward (Ravens)


                      RB Adimchinobe Echemandu
                      RB DeJuan Green
                      RB ReShard Lee
                      WR Alvis Whitted
                      TE James Adkisson
                      OT Chad Slaughter
                      DL Tommy Kelly
                      DT Anttaj Hawthorne
                      DT Terdell Sands
                      LB Isaiah Ekejiuba

                      overall B. Didnt get Garcia. If we get rid of moss it would be a B+ or a A-

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                        Colts: B

                        they didn't lose anyone that important, at least not irreplaceable, and signed back some role players, as well as made the right move in franchising freeney. definitely could be better, but in no way was disastrous as pats fans like to claim it was, and in some ways may have pulled the ol' "addition by subtraction," as now talents like marlin jackson, kelvin hayden, and freddie keiaho will get more playing time. personally, i see them all doing better this year than the starters in front of them last year.


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                          Added :
                          CB Nick Harper (Colts) - the team's top acquisition...the only starter of the group.
                          WR Justin Gage (Bears) - a low-risk need signing. Gage gives the Titans a total of five WR's on the roster....still a big need, here.
                          LB Ryan Fowler - Who? The Titans are giving starter money to a backup MLB guy with good ST skills. Don't worry....I don't understand it, either.
                          S Bryan Scott - Veteran depth at safety...not expecting much, but Scott could spell the end of Lamont Thompson in Tennessee. (Finally!)

                          All in all, a very underwhelming crop of FA's; at least the Titans didn't do anything to adversely affect the salary cap five years from now.

                          WR Drew Bennett - a good #2, but a lousy #1
                          RB Travis Henry - a solid RB, but he's one toke away from a year-long suspension
                          WR Bobby Wade - a decent slot/#3 WR, but little more....are the Vikings high?
                          RB Chris Brown - a versatile, well-rounded big play threat, but constantly hurt
                          OG Zach Piller - No loss here. Titans rushing average with Piller: 2.9 ypc...without Piller: 4.5 ypc
                          CB Pacman Jones (TBD)

                          Individually, none of the Titans' losses have been too catastrophic. However, Henry, Bennett, and Wade represent the team's top RB and top two WR's....50% of the Titans' offensive output in 2006. The team obviously expects younger players (Lendale White, Brandon Jones) to step up in their absence, but they've basically mortgaged their future on these young, relatively unproven players.....always a crap shoot.

                          At the moment, the biggest question by far is the future of Pacman Jones, who really is the most talented and accomplished player on the roster. With Jones, the Titans could potentially make a run at a postseason berth. Without him, they could easily end up with a top 5 pick in '08. He's that important.

                          The offseason ain't over yet....not by a longshot.....but from what we've seen so far, the Titans have improved themselves at one position (CB), stood pat at two positions (LB, S), and lost significant ground in two areas (WR, RB).

                          Overall, I'm giving the Titans a D+.


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                            New Coach:
                            Wade Phillips

                            New Offensive Coordinator:
                            Jason Garrett

                            New Defensive Coordinator:
                            Brain Stewart

                            Players Released:
                            QB Drew Bledsoe
                            OT Jason Fabini
                            TE Ryan Hannam

                            Players Lost:
                            DE Kenyon Coleman
                            LB Ryan Fowler
                            C Al Johnson

                            Unsigned Restricted FAs:
                            WR Patrick Crayton (tendered contract)
                            DE Junior Glymph

                            Players Signed:
                            C Andre Gurode
                            FS Ken Hamlin
                            OT Marc Colombo
                            OG Leonard Davis
                            K Martin Gramatica
                            QB Brad Johnson
                            OG Jim Molinaro

                            Considering the FA Market of available players I have decided to give the Cowboys the grade of a solid A.

                            The players that we released, needed to be released. The players that we lost did not cut the rug from under us. It did not leave us in a state of chaos and scrambling. The players that we acquired as a whole have to be considered a huge success.

                            Coaching - I'm excited about the coaching staff that has been assembled. I was a huge supporter of Mike Singletary and would've preferred him over Phillips, but Phillips is a good second option. Jerry went the safer route and I don't blame him. It's going to be interesting to see Jason Garrett unleashed and I'm very happy with Brian Stewart. I was afraid Todd Bowles was going to be DC for a minute there.

                            On Offense:
                            Needs - C, OG, RT, Backup QB, K, FB

                            C - Resigning Andre Gurode prior to the start of FA turned out to be a very smart move. Hats off to Jerry for getting the job done and not letting Gurode hit the market. He would've commanded a lot more once he saw the money being thrown out there.

                            OG - We were REALLY in a state of panic for a while with the whole FA Guard market. The good guards were flying off the shelves the minute FA started. Steinbach and Dockery never left their first visit and Deilman didn't even walk out his front door. Getting Davis was imperative and we got a guy who wanted to play for us. I love the signing more than the Kosier signing last year. Things should work out great.

                            Backup QB - To be honest, I never thought we even had a shot with Brad Johnson. The guy is a true winner and I was happily suprised that we were able to reel him in. So much better than the Joey Harrington, Shaun King, Tim Rattay names out there.

                            RT - Columbo left us biting our fingernails, but in the end, we got our guy at the perfect price.

                            K - It would've been nice to have Josh Brown, but Seattle wasn't about to let him go. ...and understandably so. Compared to the rest of the kickers out there, I think Gramatica gives us just as good a chance.

                            OG - Jim Molinaro is a decent depth signing.

                            Needs: NT, FS or CB, future OLB, DE depth, ILB depth

                            FS - Ken "The Hammer" Hamlin. 1 year, 2.5M. Wow. Even for a rental that's a damn good price. I'm excited about our experience in the secondary. Heck, all of a sudden depth is really nice too! Pat Watkins, Keith Davis and Abram Elam are much better coming off the bench. If this works out, Jerry has already said that he plans on making this a long term committment similar to Gurode's situation last year.

                            NT has been our #1 need since the offseason began. Unfortunately, this year's FA crop did not yeild anything worth reaping. Because of that and their decision not to just sign anything or anyone, I like how they stood still.

                            DE - I wish we would've brought back Kenyon Coleman or added another veteran presence. We have enough youth between Spears, Canty and Hatcher. Adding another DE through the draft is not the greatest idea.

                            OLB - Greg Ellis is old and our defense lost a step when he got injured. A future replacement is needed. I don't necessarily feel that it needed to be addressed in FA though.

                            With all of these additions, I have to be happy. There's not one signing that I'm scratching my head about. This prepares us to be as aggressive or as passive as we want heading into the draft.

                            Draft Needs: NT, future WR, CB depth, future OLB, ILB depth, FB


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                              Originally posted by GB12 View Post
                              Frank Walker, CB
                              Corner from the Giants comes over to compete for the nickle spot. I guess he stuggled in the nickle roll there, so I'm not too excited about him. I would rather see one of our drafted guys, Blackmon or Underwood, get that spot but we'll see. Not much invested in him and he's still young so not a bad pick up but we'll see.
                              Walker's horrible. Swear to god, people always talk about how Kiwanuka let go of Vince Young, but earlier VY ran the ball when it was 4th down, didn't make it but he got out of bounds...then Frank Walker hits him. Take away that play and we shut out the Titans. Then again against the Texans he almost cost us the game there too. It was 4th down and the Texans don't make it, but at the end of the play he decides to ******* run over a damn offensive lineman. Then a couple plays later Carr gets the TD...



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