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Pick 3 future(first time) Pro Bowlers for '08 from your team.

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    oops im an idiot deleted


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      Ronnie Brown, RB
      Channing Crowder, OLB
      Matt Roth, DE


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        Originally posted by WinslowBodden View Post
        How about DeAngelo Hall or Micheal Vick????
        Read the Topic.

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          Marques Colston, Mike Karney, Reggie Bush
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            Originally posted by Ghettosermon View Post
            Read the Topic.
            Yeah, I didnt see the first time part :/


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              How do you delete posts I cant figure it out.


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                Originally posted by Oaktown1981 View Post
                Nnamdi Asomugha, Kirk Morrison, Michael Huff
                Good choices for Oakland....I think you could also throw Thomas Howard's name in the hat as well....oh and don't forget Jamarcus Russell/

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                Originally posted by Scott Wright
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                  This is tough, I'll go with Trent Cole, Reggie Brown, and Jamaal Jackson.


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                    Originally posted by TNewFan41 View Post
                    Dude its March, but ok.


                    Terence Newman
                    Bradie James
                    Marc Colombo

                    Oh and no offense Myinnerself, but Quentin Jammer has no shot at the pro-bowl. He had a lucky year last year, but he is still a bust. Plus your pressure will decline.
                    HAHA, first it is March, and that is why we speculate, because it is the one of the very few periods of real down time for NFL fans, with the draft not close enough and free agency coming to a lull.

                    About Quentin Jammer, he is by NO MEANS a bust. He is a completely capable starter, and anyone that knows the game of football knows that he is a very good football player. You are probably one of those people that only looks at interceptions, one of the most overrated and deceiving statistics there is, to evaluate a CB's play. Jammer had a fantastic year last year, and has improved every single year in the NFL. Plus, he has played with crappy safeties his whole career, and you I cannot for the life of me understand why our pressure will decline when we have the exact same personnel coming back, which is a bunch of young guys that are only getting better. I'm guessing you don't watch the Chargers play much.


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                      Actually he whines about INTs all the time because Newman doesn't get a lot of them, but shockingly he has a double standard.

                      That is correct comahan
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                        Michael Boley
                        Jimmy Williams
                        Jerious Norwood


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                          FS Kerry Rhodes
                          OLB Bryan Thomas
                          C Nick Mangold


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                            Originally posted by draftguru151 View Post
                            Actually he whines about INTs all the time because Newman doesn't get a lot of them, but shockingly he has a double standard.
                            Tsk Tsk. Honestly, everyone was and is very very hard on Jammer, but even still almost everyone agrees here in San Diego that he has developed into a great cover Corner and that he is the best tackling CB in the NFL. He is fantastic in run support from the corner position.


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                              I highly doubt any of these will make it, but the three best players on our team that haven't made a pro bowl are:

                              SS Chris Hope
                              LT Michael Roos
                              RT David Stewart

                              Adam Jones would replace Stewart, but it seems like he's going to get suspended.


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                                Kerry Rhodes
                                Nick Mangold
                                Ben Graham

                                all 3 are young with loads of talent. Kerry could have easily (should have) made it last year. Mangold was an anchor in his first year, and Graham has a cannon leg. others might have other opinions that i would like to see....

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                                Originally posted by dRaFtDoRk
                                You can't be a good corner if no one throws your way. Thats my way of seeing it.



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