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Pick 3 future(first time) Pro Bowlers for '08 from your team.

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    Oh **** DJ of course.
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    <+BOE> Scott, with Burfict's character concerns (whether legit or not) you think Pioli would draft him. :D
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    What's with the hate on Ricky Stanzi? Those youtube clips of him with the hulk hogan theme music instantly make him better than Luck.


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      lee evans
      Angelo Crowell
      Donte Whitner

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        Manny Lawson
        Shawntae Spencer
        Vernon Davis


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          Trent Cole
          Mike Patterson
          Brian Westbrook (made it once as a injury replacement)


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            Jarrett Johnson, DE/OLB
            Willis McGahee, RB
            Mark Clayton, WR


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              Not much to say here. If Addai wasn't in the same conference as LJ and LT, I'd say him. MacFarland hasn't been to a pro bowl, so an outside shot for him. Bethea will be good but he was a low-round pick last year so it will take him a few years to build up the rep.

              So my official pick for the most likely Colts first-time Pro Bowler...

              Hunter Smith.


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                I could see Nick Barnett or AJ Hawk making it, probably not both though. Possibly Greg Jennings? I think Cullen Jenkins might surprise some people playing at DE all year.
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                i invite all of you to spam the board with moronic topics that aren't even vaguely entertaining. please.


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                  C Nick Mangold
                  K Mike Nugent
                  S Kerry Rhodes

                  alternates as well
                  OT D'Brickashaw Ferguson
                  P Ben Graham

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                    Originally posted by dcarey20 View Post
                    Jarrett Johnson, DE/OLB
                    Willis McGahee, RB
                    Mark Clayton, WR
                    jarrett johnson hasnt even started yet and no way would fans even think about him even if he has a tremendous need to be a little popular to get into pro bowl


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                      Ernie Sims
                      Cory Redding
                      Stanley Wilson


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                        casey hampton

                        also recieving votes
                        larry foote


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                          Derrick Johnson
                          Jared Allen (If he doesn't have to sit the first four game)
                          Damon Huard (Not really just can't think of someone else)


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                            Simms, Ruud, Cadillac

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                              Originally posted by TNewFan41 View Post
                              Dude its March, but ok.


                              Terence Newman
                              Bradie James
                              Marc Colombo

                              Oh and no offense Myinnerself, but Quentin Jammer has no shot at the pro-bowl. He had a lucky year last year, but he is still a bust. Plus your pressure will decline.
                              I live in San Diego and have season tickets to the Chargers, and I can tell you that Jammer played excellently this year. Keep in mind, too, that I'm not a Charger fan, so I have no reason to be biased in this discussion.

                              I've heard the Chargers are actually thinking about moving Jammer to SS to take advantage of his run stopping ability and to get Cromartie on the field more. I know, I know, somebody is going to give the "if he's such a good corner, then why are they moving him to safety" argument. To me, the answer is pretty obvious.

                              1. Terrence Kiel sucks.
                              . Jammer is the best run stopping defensive back they have.
                              2. If Cromartie develops as expected, they can plug him in at corner with little-to-no drop off.
                              3. Drayton Florence isn't physical enough to play safety.

                              I don't think it's correct to speculate that the Chargers' pressure will suffer because of the loss of Wade Phillips, either. Scheme is overrated and talent is overrated. The Chargers have the talent to get pressure, even without a complex scheme. For all we know (and I haven't heard otherwise) SD is probably keeping the exact same scheme they ran last year.

                              If you think Wade's defensive coordinating abilities are that magnificent, I beg you to look at the job he did in Atlanta. He didn't have 3-4 talent, so his scheme looked atrocious.


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                                Originally posted by Vince Lombardi View Post
                                I could see Nick Barnett or AJ Hawk making it, probably not both though. Possibly Greg Jennings? I think Cullen Jenkins might surprise some people playing at DE all year.
                                Barnett still left out...dang!

                                Its a huge long shot, but maybe Morency. Unknowns have prospered in the ZBS. Maybe one of our new interior O-linemen(Colledge or Spitz) Nick collins definatly
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