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My prediction for David Carr

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    Originally posted by portermvp84 View Post
    Joey Harrington for the Dolphins or the Lions?
    They both dumped him so what's the difference. He was recently added to the CFL protected list because they believe his NFL career is over. Carr will follow suit in about a year.
    And proud of it!!!


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      Originally posted by SenorGato View Post
      Carr is going to make a sick pro when he gets behind an offensive line.

      Unfortunately, it might take a little bit and people will expect results FAST. He still has alot of bad habits from the Texans sucking. Still, I think they're fixable with a coaching staff that works hard with their players. A team like the Jets would be a perfect fit for him if it wasn't Pennington.

      Still, his situation in Texas a an all time crap O-line, no defense, inconsistent at best running game, and one WR...and he was told to win a Super Bowl NOW.

      No he won't. He will suck.



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