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    Originally posted by Smooth Criminal
    Gates is only better than Witten at recieving and Fantasy football.

    Witten is a much better blocker than Gates and I would much rather have a great blocker than another WR at TE. Plus Witten is a good recieving TE. While he isn't as good as Gates at catching he makes up for it by being a much better blocker.

    Gates is only the concensous best TE to people because he is a more flashy pick.
    I think Alge Crumpler is a lot like Jason Witten.

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    Originally posted by killxswitch
    Bill Polian is cancer wrapped in AIDS delivered in an XXL enema so please don't expect me to disagree with you.


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      Well, I voted for Witten after the poll was closed and Gates had won, because I figured that it wasn't even going to be close. If I would have known that someone was messing with the poll, I would have voted Gates. There is no one even close to what he (Gates) can do in the recieving game with his sheer physical ability, but I think Witten has mastered the nuances of the position along with all the technical aspects of it much much better than Gates, including all the elements of the passing game. However, Gates is such a superior physical and instinctive player that no TE can come close to him. He is already the best ever, and I don't think there is even a close #2.

      I voted for Witten because I believe that he (along with several other Cowboy players) is vastly underrated on this forum because of all the anti-Cowboy bias. He has refined his game and worked to improve until he is legitimately at the top of the league as far as "learned" skills go. Plus he is a natural football guy that just loves to play. He doesn't have great speed or explosiveness, and that ends up being the ultimate deciding factor in this argument.

      It has gotten to the point on this forum that, because of all the stupidity bandied about by a few - Balaskonis primarily, along with the occasional involvement of Tex Mex or another of our teenaged fans - nearly everyone here has a built in predjudice against all of our players. Roy Williams - once one of the most over hyped players in the league - has now become vastly underrated by the majority of posters here based off of three plays from last year, of which only one was his fault.

      Newman, Witten, Roy, and a few up and comers all are deserving of being included in the discussions of the best at their positions and yet the vast majority of people have already decided that there is no way in hell any of these guys has a chance. I understand that this is the penalty for being a fan of the most scrutinized franchise in the league, one that has probably attracted more bandwagon jumpers than any other in our sport. But anyone interested in objective, impartial commentary and fandom should consider that there are those of us that live and breathe Cowboys, and have done so through thick and thin, and yet still can make a fair, untainted analysis of our place in the league. If you're going to complain about something, it would serve you well not to fall prey to it in the process.
      Originally posted by 21ST
      He was protecting his self
      Originally posted by tjsunstein
      From what? His leg?
      Originally posted by Paranoidmoonduck
      That leg has had it out for him since day 1.
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