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    i hate drew rosenhaus, but damn i would hire him to be my agent in a heartbeat. hell he could take my out of shape unskilled self and make me in to a day one pick, and then years later get a team to overpay for me.

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      Originally posted by rickscott View Post
      Who's Brady's backup? New Eng has lots of picks including 2 late 1st rders, don't they? . I could see them taking him to sit since the guy does have skills but will take some time to develope. When you are a team like New Eng, your chances of getting to grab a guy that may be a great QB down the road are slim.
      Didnt they take or sign Leinarts backup from USC? Cassell I think.

      Brady is still relatively young though, I dont see them using a first day pick to get a backup, they have other needs that are more important.

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        I think it's probably still a bit early to know who the third overall QB is. While I have mixed feelings about Stanton (upside is certainly there), he is, as of now, slated somewhere in the mid-day 1 mix probably, and could move up certainly, especially in overall drafting position. That said, it's likely coming down to Trent Edwards and Drew Stanton to see who's 3rd/4th, and this may come down to an issue of preference. My gut feeling would lean towards Edwards, if a team is fine with his medical background. At the end of the day, I'm thinking, as of now, only 4 QB's go day 1. Another impact on overall drafting position for Trent and Drew will be the first/2nd round positional runs.


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          Drew Stanton ain't getting drafted in the 1st round. And he isn't even the consensus 3rd best QB in the draft.


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            Originally posted by eacantdraft View Post
            Drew Stanton ain't getting drafted in the 1st round. And he isn't even the consensus 3rd best QB in the draft.
            All it takes is to be #3 on one teams board.

            That is correct comahan
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              Originally posted by OhioState View Post
              are you talking about stanton? he has no chance of being picked in the first because he is so unpredictable. He is a good value in the late second but probably will not be picked higher than the mid second
              You have no idea how many people said that about Campbell.


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                Originally posted by TPFKA#1SaintsFan View Post
                I could definitely see a team in need of a quarterback trading up for a 2nd first round pick (in the late 20's) to grab him. Oakland, Detroit, Cleveland, Miami, and Minnesota all have picks in the very early second round, and one of them might want to be sure they get him.
                The Patriots are the team to talk to in that case. I am hoping someone sees a target dropping and comes calling for one of those firsts.



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