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Frank Gore gets extension

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    Good move, smart move by 9ers, to sign the franchise runningback to a good deal.

    Thanks to jackalope


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      Originally posted by Phrost View Post

      I still back my statements about Gore. Comparing Gore to Williams...Not only does Gore have a better o-line but an easier division so don't play that game.
      Holy Jesus if you can't see that Gore is better than "Cadillac" have either never seen him play or are as stupid as your posts suggest.

      Originally posted by Phrost View Post
      You have cap room now but come 2 years from now those rookie contracts of Davis, Smith, etc will start adding up, and just wait until that moronic contract of Clements hits with full force. That'll be when you switch teams again.
      You're an idiot. See below.

      Originally posted by alexschnarr View Post
      I'm pretty sure that most of clements' guaranteed money is paid up in the first couple years.
      This is correct...his cap hit this year is over 11 million and it goes down in future years.

      Overall you just seem to hate the 49ers for making all the smart moves you wish your FO would make. Frank Gore in the 3rd round after Carnell williams was picked 5th....ouch.


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        Originally posted by Non_Sequitur View Post
        Anyone else feel like the 49ers just gave an extension to the 4th best RB in the NFC West?
        gore> james, at least last year.

        Jackson> Gore > Alexander > the edge.

        IMO, of course. but those are 4 killer running backs.

        Originally posted by mythbusta
        i love my pedestal. thats why im the mythbusta.
        who dey?


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          NFC West has some of the best backs in the league.

          Thanks to jackalope



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