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What would your team look like w/o FA or trades?

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    QB- Steve McNair - I have no idea how long they would have sat Vince
    RB- LenDale White - we traded down for him though....Chris Brown?
    FB- Ahmard Hall
    WR- Derrick Mason
    WR- Drew Bennett
    WR- Brandon Jones
    TE- Ben Troupe - we actually traded down for him, so I guess Bo Scaife would be it
    LT- Michael Roos
    LG- Jacob Bell
    C- Justin Hartwig (eww)
    RG- Benji Olson
    RT- David Stewart

    LE- Jevon Kearse
    DT- Albert Haynesworth
    DT- Robaire Smith
    RE- Travis LaBoy?
    WLB- Keith Bulluck
    MLB- Stephen Tulloch?
    SLB- Pete Sirmon (kill me)
    CB- Adam Jones
    CB- Samari Rolle
    FS- Vincent Fuller
    SS- Calvin Lowry

    I'm probably forgetting alot, but I did this really quick. I'll edit it if I think of someone I forgot.


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      If trades and FA were false....


      QB-Charlie Frye
      RB-William Green
      FB-Lawrence Vickers
      WR-Braylon Edwards
      WR-Dennis Northcutt
      TE-Kellen Winslow
      LT-(oh god)Isaac Sowells
      LG-Melvin Fowler
      C-Jeff Faine
      RG-Shaun O'Hara
      RT-Kirk Chambers

      LE-Simon Fraser
      NT-Gerard Warren
      RE-Courtney Brown
      LOLB-Chaun Thompson
      LILB-Andra Davis
      RILB-D'Qwell Jackson
      ROLB-Kamerion Wimbley
      LCB-Leigh Bodden
      RCB-Anthony Henry
      FS-Brodney Pool
      SS-Sean Jones
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        This is not fair for PIttsburgh, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Cincinnati. :)


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          QB: Aaron Rodgers
          RB: No running back
          FB: None
          WR1: Donald Driver
          WR2: Greg Jennings
          TE: Bubba Franks
          LT: Chad Clifton
          LG: Daryn Colledge
          C: Scott Wells
          RG: Jason Spitz
          RT: Mark Tauchser

          DE: Aaron Kampman
          DT: Corey Williams
          DT: Colin Cole
          DE: Cullen Jenkins
          OLB: AJ Hawk
          MLB: Nick Barnett
          OLB: Brady Poppinga
          CB: None
          CB: Will Blackmon
          S: Nick Collins
          S: Marviel Underwood

          K: none
          P: none
          LS: none

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            Ill try my best for the 49ers, but i might make a mistake.

            QB- Alex Smith
            RB- Frank Gore, Michael Robinson
            FB- ?
            TE- Vernon Davis, Billy Bajema, Dealanie Walker
            WR- Arnaz Battle, Brandon Williams
            T- Adam Snyder, Patrick Estes
            G- Justin Smiley, David Baas
            C- Eric Heitmann

            DE- Bryan Young, Melvin Oliver, Ronald Fields
            NT- Isaac Sopoaga
            ILB- Brandon Moore (undrafted..does that count?), Jeff Ulbrich
            OLB- Manny Lawson, Parys Haralson
            CB- Shawntae Spencer
            S- Keith Lewis

            P- Andy Lee


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              Originally posted by RollingThunder View Post
              QB - Brady, Cassel
              RB - Maroney, Faulk, Mills, Pass,
              WR - Jackson, Brown, Childress?
              TE - Watson, Thomas
              OT - Matt Light, O'Callaghan, Kazcur, Britt
              OG - Mankins, Neal
              C - Koppen
              DE - Seymour, Warren, Green
              DT - Wilfork, LeKevin Smith
              OLB - Pierre Woods?
              ILB - Bruschi, Alexander?, Mays
              CB - Samuel, Hobbs,
              S - Wilson, Andrews
              K - Gostkowski
              P - nobody
              britt wouldnt be here..he was an FA wasnt he? we didnt draft him. Safety we would have Sanders and Wilson


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                Originally posted by umphrey View Post
                QB: Rodgers
                HB: ???
                FB: Henderson, maybe
                WR1: Driver
                WR2: Jennings
                TE: Franks
                LT: Clifton
                LG: Spitz
                C: Wells
                RG: Colledge
                RT: Tauscher

                CB1: Will Blackmon
                CB2: Carroll (thank god this is hypothetical...)
                FS: Collins/Sharper
                SS: Underwood
                LB: Barnett
                LB: Hawk
                LB: Poppinga
                DE: Kampman
                DE: KGB
                DT: Jolly
                DT: C Williams

                Not as bad as I thought, pretty good actually. Only areas we are kind of week are RB, which we usually get underrated guys from other teams. CB, which we haven't been able to draft a good one for the life of us (although, Blackmon still has a lot of upside after being hurt most of his rookie year). Then of course Favre...
                Cb would be McKenzie, he would still be on the team. Wr would have Walker, same there.

                QB: Matt Hasselbeck
                HB: Najeh Davenport
                FB: Henderson
                WR: Driver
                WR: Jennings
                WR: Javon Walker
                TE: Franks
                LT: Clifton
                LG: Spitz
                C: Wells
                RG: Colledge
                RT: Tauscher

                CB1: Will Blackmon
                CB2: Mike McKenzie
                FS: Collins/Sharper
                SS: Underwood
                LB: Barnett
                LB: Hawk
                LB: Hillenmeyer
                DE: Kampman
                DE: KGB/Jenkins
                DT: Cletidus Hunt/Colin Cole
                DT: C Williams

                Packers have some good draft picks. But they also have some awful draft picks.
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                  QB- JP Losman
                  RB- Travis Henry
                  FB- Brad Cieslak
                  WR- Lee Evans
                  WR- Josh Reed
                  WR- Erid Moulds
                  TE- Kevin Everett
                  LT- Jason Peters
                  G- Ruben Brown
                  C- Aaron Merz
                  RG- Duke Preston
                  RT- Jonas Jennings

                  DE- Chris Kelsay/Ryan Denney
                  DT- John McCargo
                  DT- Kyle Williams
                  DE- Aaron Schobel
                  OLB- Keith Ellison
                  MLB- Angelo Crowell
                  OLB- Josh Stamer/Coy Wire
                  CB- Nate CLements
                  CB- Antoine Winfield
                  FS- Ko Simpson
                  SS- Donte Whitner
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                    QB - Chad Pennington
                    RB - Leon Washington
                    FB - B.J. Askew (sucks + gone now)
                    WR - Laveranues Coles (first time around)
                    WR - Jerricho Cotchery
                    LT - D'Brickashaw Ferguson
                    LG -
                    C - Nick Mangold
                    RG - Brandon Moore
                    RT - Kareem McKenzie

                    LE - Shaun Ellis
                    UT - DeWayne Robertson
                    NT - Jason Ferguson
                    RE - John Abraham
                    WLB -
                    MLB - Jonathan Vilma
                    SLB - Victor Hobson
                    CB - Justin Miller
                    SS - Erik Coleman/Eric Smith
                    FS - Kerry Rhodes
                    CB - Drew Coleman

                    We'd be screwed in a 3-4 though.

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                      QB-Tom Brady
                      RB-Laurence Maroney
                      FB-Patrick Pass
                      WR-Troy Brown (or Terry Glenn)
                      WR-Chad Jackson
                      TE-Ben Watson
                      LT-Matt Light
                      LG-Logan Mankins
                      C-Dan Koppen
                      RG-Steve Neal
                      RT-Nick Kazcur

                      DE-Richard Seymour
                      NT-Vince Wilfork
                      DE-Ty Warren
                      OLB-Willie McGinest
                      ILB-Tedy Bruschi
                      ILB-Eric Alexander?
                      OLB-Tully Banta-Cain
                      CB-Asante Samuel
                      CB-Ellis Hobbs
                      FS-Eugene Wilson
                      SS-James Sanders

                      Aside from LB and WR, our depth chart would be pretty much the same as it is right now.


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                        QB- Brett Basanez
                        RB -Foster/Williams
                        FB - Hoover
                        TE - Gaines
                        WR - Smith / colbert / carter
                        OL - Gross, Hangartner, mathis, wharton, montgomery

                        DL - Jenkins, Peppers, McClover, Carstens
                        MLB - morgan
                        WLB - James Anders
                        SLB - Thomas Davis
                        CB1 - Richard Marshall
                        CB2 - Chris Gamble
                        SS - Minter
                        FS - Nate Salley

                        K John Kasay

                        Pretty solid, but lacks QB.


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                          QB - Rivers, Jesse Palmer
                          RB - Tiki, Brandon Jacobs, Ron Dayne
                          WR - Toomer, Ike Hilliard, Kevin Walter
                          WR - Joe Jurevicius, Tim Carter,David Tyree
                          TE - Dan Campbell, Shiancoe

                          OT - Pettigout
                          OG - Daivd Diehl
                          OC - Wayne Lucier
                          OG - Chris Snee
                          OT - Mike Rosenthal

                          DE - Strahan, Eric Moore
                          DT - Barry Cofield
                          DT - Cornelius Griffin, William Joseph
                          DE - Osi, Tuck

                          OLB - Brandon Short, Wesly Mallard,
                          MLB - Nick Greisen, Quincy Monk
                          OLB - Dhani Jones, Gerris Wilkinson

                          CB - Will Allen, Rod Babers
                          FS - Shaun Williams
                          SS - Gibril Wilson
                          CB - Will Peterson, Corey Webster

                          K - Jon Markham
                          P - Brad Maynard


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                            didnt the pats trade up for Chad Jackson don vito?


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                              colts build from within, so we'd STILL have manning, harrison, wayne, addai, clark, freeney, sanders, and countless others......

                              i love being the anti-redskins


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                                howd the broncos get DJ??

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