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Would a 2 QB system not work in the NFL?

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  • Would a 2 QB system not work in the NFL?

    The Chris Leak and Tim Tebow combination was really effective. I wondered what it would have been like if Matt Shaub and Mike Vick split time roughly 30-70 respectively. What are your thoughts? Of course, it'd be hard to pull off, but as long as the attack is balanced, then it would have been interesting on how teams would defend.
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    I wish it would, not sure it would though.

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      I do want to see Jared Lorenzan run over a DT for a touchdown. That guy is awesome. And fat.

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        I hardly call that a 2 QB system, teams in college which switch QB's every 2 drives or so ala Erik Ainge Brent Shaeffer that would be a 2 QB system but Florida's was more of a trick package, no different than Antwaan Randle El lining up at QB a couple times a game like he did last year. A true 2 QB system would not work because of the lack of consistency, it's hard for a QB to go in and out and keep good rhythm, and in the NFL one mistake can cost you the game.

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          they can always run the "Tenafly" formation. 2 QBs under center and 1 takes it :)


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            Originally posted by remix 6 View Post
            they can always run the "Tenafly" formation. 2 QBs under center and 1 takes it :)
            Or two QBs in a split-shotgun. One guy gets it, the other does cool crap.

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              It's so uncoventional on the NFL level that if at any point the team had less than stellar success, your coach would be murdered. College coaches recieved tons of flack for even suggesting this method.

              As for the actual play - it would be very difficult. WR/QB relationship is something that isn't flipped on like a switch. To much a lesser extent, so it the C/QB relationship.

              The only way I could see it working would be to have two QBs who can both give you something that the other can't. Vick/Schuab is a good example however I'm not sure if Schaub was a "too good to keep off the field" player.

              I wouldn't mind seeing some teams use a backup on a series or two, espically when there offense faulters. IMO to often teams have a quality backup who just needs an opportunity (ie Romo, Rivers) Trying a fresh outlook can sometimes be a nice boast.


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                2 QB system in NFL = Worst idea ever


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                  I would never do it. The starting QB of a team is usually looked to as a leader, and I would think switching QBs all the time would have an effect on the QB's confidence and rhythm.



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                    For the most part, the two quarterback system fails at the college level, too. The only reason why teams even use it, is because neither player did anything to separate himself in camp, and the coach is too indecisive to pull the trigger. More often than not, it ends up killing teams.

                    Like ghettosermon said, the situation in Florida wasn't really a two quarterback system. The team just had a package of plays that they ran with Tebow. It's not like they were having him run the offense and switching series with Leak. He'd never be in for more than a play or two.

                    It'd be a complete flop on the NFL level. One of the reasons it even has mild success on the collegiate level is because college practice times are incredibly limited, so it's much harder for defenses to zero in on every tendency and package a team puts in. That's not the case in the NFL, and it's a huge reason as to why defensive play in the NFL is so superior to that in college.


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                      Doesn't work. Never has. Never will. Very difficult to do in the salary cap era too.


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                        Eli Manning and Pat White (QB/RB). It would be fun to watch, that's for sure.


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                            In college teams can get away with a QB to go in there and throw and the other to run, but in the NFL the DEs and LBs are too fast for that running QB option to rotate in there. Unfortunately for the Falcons they have a QB thats a running QB and they force him to complete passes where his is less effective :)

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                              It's illegal to have two players with radio's in their helmet on the field at once.



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